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Trilokpuri Alert – Unidentified elements searching Muslim houses #WTFnews


Pic courtesy indian express



“In Trilok Puri block 15 all muslim households are being searched by unidentified elements. Police not letting go any outsider inside  or entertaining any query. Complete terror atmosphere. 

DSP East 98180 99042 

ACP kalyanpuri 8750870608
Joint commisisoner 011-23490108
Call Call call.
Please put up this every where possible,send sms  fax to commisioner, nhrc, minority comision,, NCW. everywhere. Please . It is a day light raid without any provocation and warning. We are stopped one km away from PS when tried to go to lodge complain. Do not go directly to Tpuri, act where u r please.

Anyone has any connection with high level authority?

Please also write to commissioner that a few passes to be issued for activists so that they can meet the victims. Victims have no platform to voice. 

Please send this to media.

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  1. rezan

    acche din aagaye. this is modi’s government. terror and insecurity for Muslims. Thanks to Congress for not nipping the evil in the bud when they had the chance. They saw what happened in Gujarat 2002. That was a stark of things to come. But the Congress let the criminals go. Too weak ,too stupid too inefficient to rule the country and now we have the monsters of communal hate taking over.taking over. God help us all.

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