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Two deaths because of manual scavenging in Hyderabad #WTFnews

The GHMC Commissioner
The Mayor of Hyderabad
The Governor,
Andhra Pradesh
Sub: Two workers sent inside manhole – death of both – Upparpally, Rajendranagar
        2) eenadu news item of 1 june 2014 – pdf file attached
Dear Shri Somesh Kumar,
In spite of your caution to Engineering wing against sending workers in manholes/drains and clear instructions to use air-tech machines, your instructions were not complied with..
we note with utter distress that two workers were sent at Upparpally manhole and died due to suffocation yesterday (eenadu news item enclosed).. 
As this is against The Prohibition of Employment as Manual Scavengers and their Rehabilitation Act 2013 and against section 336 of IPC(act endangering life or personal safety of others) we seek a prompt time-bound Action Taken Report on the concerned officials upon who you had fixed the Command Responsibility, and the penalty and action that you had laid down as that would be taken against such officers on dereliction of duty..
kindly ensure that the case is not closed with a routine monetary compensation.. Towards part of action to be taken, we recommend that, as the deceased workers were bread-earners for their families, a government job for the families and personal compensation from the responsible officials would act as a strict deterrent from such indignity to human life..
we assure you of our coordination in streamlining our governance(public representatives & officials) into an honest, transparent and accountable one in the interest of common person of this city..
with you in nation-building,

Dr Lubna Sarwath, PhD, iWIL-IIMB
Trisakti University, Jakarta, Indonesia
Save Our Urban Lakes(SOUL)
Center for Wellbeing Economics(CWE)

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  1. Sankara Narayanan

    The officials responsible for the deaths must not only be forced to compensate for the loss of lives but also be booked for murdering two Dalits. They need to be charged under Atrocity against SC/ST act too. It is time for the the GHMC Commissioner, Hyderabad to act. Ball is in his court.

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