“The girl’s parents, who are daily wage labourers, had gone to work whereas her brothers were at school when the incident took place. Omkar allegedly locked the room and raped her. He also threatened her of dire consequences,” Jadon added.

While taking to the counselors, the minor started putting her hand in the lower apparel of the doll and also narrated the entire way in which the accused had ‘mistreated’ her.

“She was not comfortable in interacting about the incident and so we thought of bringing her a Barbie doll as a gift. There was also a male doll. She used both the dolls and showed us exactly how she was raped,” Gyanendra Purohit told TOI.

“A case has been registered and the accused will be arrested at the earliest. He had fled the house soon after the girl’s mother came to know about the incident,” said Jadon.