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We will kill Kejriwal- Swami Om ji of Hindu Mahasabha



Party:Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha
S/o|D/o|W/o: Vidya Chand
Age: 59
Address: 29, New Delhi Khanan Market, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi 3
Name Enrolled as Voter in: New Delhi (Delhi) constituency , at Serial no 183 in Part no 565
Contact Number:9871248482

Self Profession:Social, Religious, Political leader




Swami Omji from Hindu Mahashabha is a contestatnt from Palika Bazaar for the New Delhi Assembly Elections.

He says he is an independent candidate but is wearing a BJP cap.

He claims BJP is his own party in other words a faction of BJP. With the attire of a Sadhu he is very aggressive in nature and claims to kill Arvind Kejriwal.

According to Swamiji his Hindu Mahashabha was the group which killed Gandhiji. Swamiji has been planted by BJP to cut votes of AAP and Congress. He is very aggressive in nature. He is just a sample of the many factions of BJP who are openly moving around trying to create communal violence. These elements could prove to be very dangerous in the society and the country as a whole.

BJP’s version of ‘nationalism’ deserves a closer look. Taking the recent case of independent New Delhi candidate Swami Omji, who told reporters that “I am from Hindu Mahasabha but BJP is my party. I am also global president of Om Saiji Party. Since Asaram and Narayan Sai are in jail, therefore the responsibility is with me now.” Speaking about Aam Aadmi Party leader and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, Omji said, “I am against Kejriwal, he is anti-national. On 21, January 2014 – I entered Kejriwal’s house and thrashed him.” Threatening further action against “anti-nationals”, Omji said, ““We killed Mahatma Gandhi. In the future, we will try to convince anti-nationals like Kejriwal. If he doesn’t listen, we will shoot him and kill him.”

Let’s repeat that. “We killed Mahatma Gandhi. In the future, we will will convince or kill anti-nationals like Kejriwal.”

This brand of nationalism considers Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our nation who fought the colonial masters to the bitter end, “anti-national.”

It is the same brand of nationalism that has worked to install the statues of Nathuram Godse — the killer of Mahatma Gandhi — in temples across the country, in a bid to worship him as a God. The Hindu Mahasabha also wants to build a temple for Godse in Sitapur district.

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