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Women safety : India Are we ignorant about sexual harassment in public ? #Vaw

Thursday, 22 May 2014 – 11:29pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA Webdesk

Vishal Manve

Pledging support, holding candles and walking upto -gate and seeking justice or starting campaigns, has seen numerous protests against crimes inflicted on women post the Delhi gang-rape incident.  But, do we really notice harassment that happens all around at bus-stops, work places on a daily basis? 
The rising number of rape cases throw light on how India as a society needs to realign its thinking and create a better society with respect to women safety.The video by the Free spirit Project has a strong message and the caption reads: Some are born so, while some choose to become so. A telling tale of a deadly disease that is afflicting each and every one of us. Watch this film before you too, become blind! 

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Comment (1)

  1. You’re are naive if you think streets are safe for your women.
    Caste system for the past 2000 years has seeded sadists/savages in India.
    BC/SC/ST/FC should go and live in separate states as per “Communal Award”.
    Otherwise India is going to end up as Africa where rape is a hate crime/means to take revenge.
    As per your National Crime Records Bureau, every 20 minutes a rape happens in India. Google “Jyoti Singh Pandey”.

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