RajasthanAround 1000 supporters of beleaguered godman Asaram Bapu are planning to undergo a mass nose surgery and subsequently demand parole for bapuji.

Asaram Bapu checking if his nose too requires a surgery

Apparently, supporters decided to undergo mass surgery after Sanjay Dutt got parole to attend to his daughter who is set to undergo nose surgery later this month.

Speaking to Faking News a supporter of Asaram Bapu said, “Sanjay Dutt gets parole on request while an innocent saint like Bapujiis held captive and tortured. So we are planning to undergo a mass nose surgery and demand release of Bapuji. If Sanjay Dutt can get parole for 30 days for daughter’s surgery then we are also sons and daughters of Bapuji, he should get parole for 30,000 days. Bapuji is like a father figure to us in fact he is more than that. We may have fights and disagreements with our father but we never disagree with Bapuji.”

Some supporters have already put in an application for parole of 30,000 days in a bid to get the godman out of the confines of Rajasthan jail. Jail authorities, fed up the antics of the followers have now stopped paying heed to any request.

“They are trying all they can. When the Salman Khan case was in news and he managed to evade jail, these followers dressed up Asaram Bapu like Salman Khan. They made him wear Being Human T-shirt hoping that charges against bapuji will be dropped and he can walk free.”

The authorities may not pay heed, but supporters are refusing to relent. As usual they latched on to twitter to garner support for bapuji. Hasthtags like ‘WhyNoParoleForBapuji’ was already trending. Supporters were also planning to upload before and after selfies of their nose surgery.

Meanwhile, Subramaniam Swami, legal counsel for Asaram Bapu, has also agreed to be part of the mass surgery. But supporters are not very upbeat about his involvement.

“He was supposed to plead for Bapuji’s bail in court but didn’t turn up for the court proceedings on four consecutive occasions. We feel he may not turn up here too,” said a supporter.