Three students were arrested and two teachers were suspended after a 17-year-old student died at a school in Tamil Nadu’s Tirunelveli district due to a violent dispute over caste with some classmates. On April 26, the victim, Selva Surya, allegedly got into an argument with another student who was supposed to be wearing a thread or wrist band designating a particular caste.

According to sources, Surya, a member of the OBC community, got into a confrontation with a Dalit junior. When four lads, two from each community, joined in, the disagreement escalated into a violent brawl, and Surya was wounded in the ear with a stone.

The teachers intervened and separated the group, and the 17-year-old went home after school that day, but he apparently had agonising pain all night and was transported to the hospital. He had surgery at the Tirunelveli Medical Hospital, but died on Saturday as a result of his injuries.

After the death of the youngster, the Ambasamudram police department expanded the inquiry to include sections regarding murder and formed investigation teams to look into the issue. Surya’s juniors have been apprehended and charged with murder and other crimes.

Courtesy : The hansindia