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Day October 26, 2020

Domestic Violence Act: The Supreme Court took a progressive turn

The court refrains from treating the entitlements under the DV Act as paternalistic gifts to protect the “weaker” party, but expressly frames them in the language of rights Gautam Bhatia In 2005, Parliament enacted the Protection of Women from Domestic… Continue Reading →

A citizen objects on the arrests of men and women of conscience

SHIV VISWANATHAN My father was a brilliant metallurgist who worked for the Tatas. We lived in Jamshedpur and would go for long walks. He loved the forests around the city. I remember one evening as we walked, the Tata ‘mountains’… Continue Reading →

COVID-19 response exposes deep flaws in global health governance

David G Legge, Global Social Policy, October 2020 The global COVID-19 response exposes flaws at the heart of the prevailing regime of global health governance (GHG): first, in the debates about fast tracking the development of vaccines and medicines and,… Continue Reading →

Bhima Koregaon Case – Activists Under Detention For Their Words, Not For Owning Guns

: Shashi Tharoor “When I was in school, I learnt that the pen is mightier than the sword. Today, I have seen our country, its politics and its discourse. I am no longer convinced it is,” Shashi Tharoor said. Pune: … Continue Reading →

Bihar – When Communists Aid Bhojpur Dalits’ Fight for Self-Respect

POSTED ON OCTOBER 25, 2020 Caste wars in Bhojpur are a reality of the past. However, Dalits of the region feel although the feudal economy has weakened over time, not much has changed in terms of the feudal mindset. By Ajoy… Continue Reading →

“Stop RSS Fascism”: Texans Protest Sri Preston Kulkarni

Foreign interference by Indian paramilitary alleged in TX-22 congressional race by Pieter Friedrich Allegations that Texas congressional candidate Sri Preston Kulkarni’s campaign has been supported by US affiliates of Indian paramilitary Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) prompted a 24 October protest in the… Continue Reading →

FIR against J&K lawyer Deepika Singh Rajawat over tweet on Navratri

Rajawat dismissed the FIR as ‘a fractured piece which will not survive in the court’, adding that it was registered by way of ‘sheer abuse of law and under pressure from BJP and other saffron organisations’. | Jammu | October 25,… Continue Reading →

Is There Light At the End of the Tunnel – or Only Garbage?

Pristine environment violated by- Avay Shukla  The 9 km long Atal Tunnel below the Rohtang pass has been inaugurated, the foundation stone laid by Mrs. Sonia Gandhi ten years back has disappeared and Mr Narendra Modi has taken the credit… Continue Reading →

Children Made Invisible -Last We Saw Them They Were Walking Home, Where Are They Now?

Plight of children without rights and equality  A right is an entitlement and it has three basic principles, without which rights cannot be enjoyed. The first principle is that of universality: A right has to be enjoyed by all citizens,… Continue Reading →

In Pandemic, India’s Super Rich Get Richer by 35% While Common People Suffer the Most

BYPRABHAT PATNAIKOCTOBER 25, 2020 Capitalism allows the rich to accumulate wealth in a crisis and concentrate it in the hands of a few, writes PRABHAT PATNAIK. ——- Wealth distribution data are notoriously difficult to interpret. This is because variations in… Continue Reading →

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