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Day February 3, 2021

Today’s India may have targeted even Adi Shankaracharya and Mirza Ghalib for ‘hurting religious sentiments’

No country for humour: February 3, 2021,  Pavan K Varma  The writer is an author and former diplomat My first posting as a diplomat was in Bulgaria in the late 1970s, when East Europe was under a dictatorial and failing… Continue Reading →

Maharashtra: Probing RTI Killings a Tough, Instructive Task

Vinita Deshmukh03 February 2021  Captured in the 110-page report titled `Life and Death in the Time of RTI (Case Studies of Maharashtra), are detailed findings of 13 Right to Information (RTI) activists and users of Maharashtra who were brutally killed… Continue Reading →

Dear Jailer Saheb: A Letter From Ravish Kumar

Ravish Kumar Dear Jailer Saheb, The annals of Indian history have bequeathed the dark deeds of these dark times to you. Journalists with a free voice, who are known to speak truth to power, are being picked up by their very… Continue Reading →

Join the Campaign- Stop Internet Shutdowns to suppress Farmers Protests in India

We,the undersigned organizations and individuals, strongly condemn the internet shutdowns imposed by central and state government authorities to suppress the farmers’ protests at the borders of the National Capital Territory of Delhi. At present, there are lakhs of farmers who are… Continue Reading →

Farmer Protests -कीलों का ,तारों का.. सबका कहना है..

कीलों का ,तारों का.. सबका कहना है.. मुल्क़ में सरहद जो बनवाये..बाँटे और लड़ाये.. न उसको रहना है. .न उसको सहना है… कीलों का तारों का..सबका कहना है.. लहू छिड़क कर तिलक करो.. फंदे चूमों… दिल भगत करो… जंजीरों की… Continue Reading →

Farmers’ Protest – International Support pours , Rihanna, Greta Thunberg Tweet In Support Of Farmers

As the farmers’ protest continues to intensify in India, International pop star Rihanna and climate activist Greta Thunberg took to Twitter to extend their support to the farmers protesting on the outskirts of Delhi, condemning the internet shutdown. Rihanna/Facebook As… Continue Reading →

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