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Day February 12, 2021

SC- Inter-caste marriages will possibly reduce caste and community tensions

The top court said that youngsters face threats from the elders and the courts have been coming to the aid of these youngsters. , New Delhi PUBLISHED ON FEB 12, 2021 Inter-caste marriages will possibly reduce caste and community tensions,… Continue Reading →

Senior resident at Odisha medical college faces no action for sexual harassment despite ICC findings, FIR

Aathira Konikkara Less than three months after an internal complaints committee of a government medical college in Odisha prima facie held that Sarthak Patra, a senior resident in the institution, had sexually harassed a junior resident, he returned to work… Continue Reading →

Mukesh Ambani’s earnings during Covid ‘can lift’ 40% informal workers out of poverty

By Dr Gian Singh*  The Inequality Virus Report released by Oxfam, a non-profit organization, on January 25, 2021 on the growing inequalities in different parts of the world, sheds light on the growing economic, educational, healthcare and gender inequalities in India. The… Continue Reading →

Attention- IMA ‘We are critiquing profiteering by Corporate and commercial private hospitals, not the Medical profession’

Jan Arogya Abhiyan’s Jan sunwai for Patients: The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has publicly criticized the Jan Sunwai for patients, which was organised by Jan Arogya Abhiyan (JAA) on 5th February. This Jan sunwai has highlighted overcharging of COVID patients… Continue Reading →

Bihar – 0000000000 is also the cellphone number of those tested for Covid

Data entry staff at the district headquarters blame PHC staff at the ground level, claiming that they “have to enter 10 zeroes to upload and validate the data in the system in cases where PHCs do not fill in mobile… Continue Reading →

Assam Women weave plastic waste into utilitarian products

Traditionally adept at weaving, women around Kaziranga weave products with threads made from plastic bags, and cotton thread, to reduce plastic pollution and earn a livelihood Surekha Kadapa-Bose Feb 12, 2021 Lakhimpur, Assam Since its reopening on 20 October, after… Continue Reading →

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