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Day March 8, 2021

Peace Talks need Women – Sanam Naraghi-Anderlini

  8 March 2021  Women in war zones are the best peace-makers, yet they rarely get a place at negotiation tables dominated by men. Iranian gender activist and senior adviser to the UN Sanam Naraghi-Anderlini is working to change that. Sanam’s grandfather advised… Continue Reading →

Gender Equity and COVID-19: Dalit Standpoints

This paper attempts to understand the larger meanings that interlink social spaces of Dalits women and COVID-19. It tries to foreground the following questions. How does it determine the realm of social distancing? Does it lead to a new world… Continue Reading →

What is International Women’s Day for Black women ?

Edna Bonhomme Today much of the world marks International Women’s Day. From Afghanistan to Guinea-Bissau and the United States, March 8 is recognised as the day to celebrate the achievements of women’s rights movements. The origins of International Women’s Day… Continue Reading →

Pandemic Conversations: Gender, Marginalities, and COVID-19

We do not know if we live in a world any more risky than those of earlier generations. It is not the quantity of risk, but the quality of control or—to be more precise—the known uncontrollability of the consequences of… Continue Reading →

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