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Day April 4, 2021

Chhattisgarh -Unpaid bonuses, irregular incentives: Pandemic is not the only battle for ‘mitanins’

A mitanin– which means “female friend” in the local dialect– is a community health volunteer assigned to each village under the Chhattisgarh government’s health programme. Surekha Dhivar (41) has not missed work for a single day in almost a year…. Continue Reading →

The Draconian Sedition Law in Independent India

 Prem Verma, Convenor, Jharkhand Nagrik Prayas— April 2, 2021 The Indian Sedition Law owes its origin to The British Sedition Act of 1661, an Act of Parliament of England which was passed as an Act for safety and   Preservation of His Majesties… Continue Reading →

How Pharma Companies Created a Bottleneck in Vaccine Distribution

In this episode of ‘Talking Science & Tech’, we look at how private pharma companies and developed nations have created a bottleneck in vaccine distribution through the use of patents and legislations. Related posts No related posts.

A Case for the Release of All Women Undertrial Prisoners

BYPRATIKSHA BAXIANDNAVSHARAN SINGHAPRIL 4, 2021 All women and gender and sexual minorities are ‘custodial’ minorities and should be released from prison during the pandemic, write PRATIKSHA BAXI and NAVSHARAN SINGH. This is an extract from “Gendering the Pandemic in the Prison,” a chapter… Continue Reading →

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