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Day April 19, 2021

Mulshi: India’s first anti-dam satyagraha and Gandhiji’s insistence on non-violence

By Nandini K Oza*  The Mulshi satyagraha (struggle) against a dam being built by the Tata company on the river Mula in Maharashtra is one of the first anti-dam struggles of India, fought nearly a hundred years ago. However, not… Continue Reading →

Maharashtra Mini-Lockdown As A Standalone Measure Is Not Sufficient !

19/4/2021 By- Jan Aarogya Abhiyan Need for broad based public health measures and people’s involvement WHY THE HUGE SECOND COVID19 WAVE? The partial lockdown declared in Maharashtra from 14th April is a very unfortunate development. Some people have argued that… Continue Reading →

Creative protest and play: What can they teach us?

By using play we can find space to protest, and do it legitimately. And in doing so, potentially change something in the world around us. by HAVOVI WADIA    Play (noun): The space in or through which a mechanism can or does… Continue Reading →

How are our cities making us lonely

Loneliness isn’t really a personal mental health issue. Instead, it’s embedded in how cities and systems are built and organised. by DEEPIKA KHATRI Describing her lockdown experience in a basti (settlement) in Mumbai, 15-year-old Saniya’s rap song captures the isolation that has given… Continue Reading →

Politics in Coastal Kerala: Lives Lost in a Sea of Manifestos

APRIL 19, 2021 By Jisha Elizabeth Who will rule Kerala? The coastal voters have a decisive role in answering this question. And among these voters, there are more women than men. During election campaigns, the most roadshows, rallies and so… Continue Reading →

Navreet Singh death: Doctors, family question X-ray report

Jatinder Kaur Tur On 15 April, in a case before the Delhi High Court for an independent investigation into the death of the farmer Navreet Singh, the Delhi Police submitted a medical report on his X-ray plates that is inconsistent… Continue Reading →

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