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Day May 6, 2021

How the panchayat polls ‘killed’ over 700 teachers in UP

Across Uttar Pradesh, teachers were afraid of getting covid19 after being deployed on polling duties. But no one came to their rescue Voters, with scant regard to social distancing norms, queue up in the second phase of Panchayat elections in… Continue Reading →

Allahabad high court: Oxygen shortage deaths no less than a genocide

Allahabad High Court expresses its strong displeasure over death of Covid patients due to shortage of oxygen supplyPRAYAGRAJ: Expressing its strong displeasure over death of Covid patients due to shortage of oxygen supply in the state, the Allahabad High Court on Tuesday said the… Continue Reading →

#ResignModi vs TINA factor: This activist insists, he can indeed be an alternative!

By Rajiv Shah/ May 05, 2021 Yesterday, I received an email alert by a social activist, Chandra Vikash, who is convener of the Global Academy for Indigenous Activism (GAIA) and chief mentor and innovation coach at the GAIA Innovation Labs, apparently… Continue Reading →

Arundhati Roy: We need a Government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi : Please step aside.

Arundhati Roy We need a government. Desperately. And we don’t have one. We are running out of air. We are dying. We don’t have systems in place to know what to do with help even when it’s on hand. What can… Continue Reading →

Sickly state, healthy democracy: Elections held during deadly pandemic surge expose India’s real flaws and strengths

May 5, 2021, 8:26 AM Ruchir Sharma is the author of the upcoming ‘10 Rules of Successful Nations’ Those of us who see these as dark times for Indian democracy can take heart from the recent elections, not only because… Continue Reading →

You Can Bury Your Head Like Ostrich, But We Won’t: Delhi HC to Centre

04 May 2021  While the Indian government is struggling to cope with the second wave of COVID19 across the country, high courts across India and the Supreme Court have taken state governments as well as the central government to task,… Continue Reading →

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