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Day November 6, 2021

Explained: What Are The ‘Natural Experiments’ That Won This Year’s Nobel

Natural experiments provide an opportunity to study the effect of programmes and policies such as rural electrification and iron supplementation, as well as of uncontrolled events such as famines. Noida: Natural and experiment–two words put together that sound like an oxymoron…. Continue Reading →

Kerala PhD scholar Deepa Mohanan’s hunger strike is about casteism in academia

Deepa is developing wound-healing scaffolds using nanoparticles. But apparently, her service to science and medicine is no match for her professor’s service to the caste system.PHOTO : BHIM ARMY KERALA FACEBOOK PAG NOVEMBER 03, 2021 – Haritha John Deepa P… Continue Reading →

Muslim youth unable to find jobs, gap between skill training, employment widens

By Moin Qazi*  Muslim Indians are the second-largest demographic of India. They constitute over 14% of the country’s population of roughly 172 million people. Muslims have considered India as their home for more than a millennium and they have become… Continue Reading →

Explained: Bhima Koregaon Commission

The panel set up to inquire into the 2018 violence has suspended work till provision of suitable accommodation The Bhima Koregaon Commission has suspended all hearings till the Maharashtra government provides it a suitable accommodation in Mumbai. What is the… Continue Reading →

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