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Day November 12, 2021

Meet Archana Soreng, A Tribal Climate Warrior From Odisha Who Aims To Bring The Indigenous Wisdom To Climate Actions

Posted On November 12, 2021 New Delhi: According to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), for better management of forests for climate mitigation, it is important to empower indigenous people and enhance local community collective actions. And… Continue Reading →

The Seditious Half-Life of Facts

The indiscriminate use of draconian laws also denies citizens their rights, perhaps more blatantly, and also has a chilling effects on citizens.Subhash Gatade 12 Nov 2021 After recent developments in BJP-ruled Tripura, many concerned citizens and organisations have said that the… Continue Reading →

Eunice Newton Foote: Warned Us About Climate Change 165 Years Ago. Naturally, We Ignored Her

When the industrial revolution began in the late 1700s, it brought with it several technological advancements that humanity had not dared to dream of for thousands of years. But everything has a downside to it, and the Industrial Era was… Continue Reading →

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