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Day January 6, 2022

‘Protects guilty, violates survivors rights’: Petition filed in SC against Bombay HC’s sexual harassment case norms

A Mumbai-based woman has moved the Supreme Court against an order passed by the Bombay High Court in 2021 that laid down guidelines to protect the identities of the parties involved in proceedings under the POSH Act. Vidya MumbaiJanuary 6, 2022… Continue Reading →

आधार को वोटर आईडी से जोड़ना क्यों है खतरनाक?

भारत में एक अजीब रिवाज चल पड़ा है. वह यह कि दुनिया के विकसित देश जिस योजना और तकनीकी को खारिज कर देते हैं, हम लोगों के अदालत सहित सभी सरकारी संस्थान उसे सफलता की कुंजी समझ बैठते हैं. Byडॉ…. Continue Reading →

Women’s rights in environmental law, from 1972 to today

Important progress has been made, but now is the time to place women’s rights at the heart of transnational environmental law Claudia Ituarte-Lima The 1972 Stockholm Conference sowed the seeds for the growth of transnational environmental law, with states negotiating… Continue Reading →

Armed forces should return to barracks. AFSPA has no place in the Northeast anymore

BJP has political stakes in most Northeastern states and knows the sentiments of people. It must not miss the opportunity to launch a new beginning. LT GEN H S PANAG (RETD)6 January, 2022 The killing of six civilians in an ambush laid… Continue Reading →

Uttarakhand – Midday Meals Or A Huge Serving Of Casteism?

POSTED ON JANUARY 5, 2022 Sunita Devi, a Dalit woman, secured a job of bhojanmata (caretaker of meals) in Uttrakhand’s Champawat district’s inter-school. However, on 21 December 2021, she was fired alleging a wrongful appointment after upper-caste students refused to… Continue Reading →

From Unheard Dalit Voices In Classroom To Casteist Politics, How Does Discrimination Prevail In DU?

POSTED ON JANUARY 6, 2022 Many say casteism is not prevalent today. It cannot operate in prominent universities in urban areas. But that is the allusion to pure ignorance, as Edith in the movie “Enola Holmes” said, “Politics doesn’t interest… Continue Reading →

NWMI Demands Stringent Action Against Perpetrators of ‘Bulli Bai’

JANUARY 4, 2022 The Network of Women in Media, India, strongly condemns the online attack of prominent, Indian Muslim women – including journalists – in the form of ‘Bulli Bai’, an app on GitHub which ‘auctioned’ Muslim women using stolen… Continue Reading →

“You will suffer same fate as Gauri Lankesh,” Dalit journalist Meena Kotwal facing online abuse, threats

Posted On January 6, 2022 NEW DELHI — A Dalit woman journalist Meena Kotwal is facing online abuse and threats after she posted a video of herself burning the Manusmriti on December 25. Manusmriti is an ancient legal text or… Continue Reading →

Call Off All Rallies In The Poll-bound States In View Of The Omicron Wave

E A S Sarma Shri Sushil Chandra Chief Election Commissioner Shri Rajiv Kumar Election Commissioner Shri A C Pandey Election Commissioner Dear S/Shri Sushil Chandra, Rajiv Kumar and Pandey, I had earlier requested the Union Home Secretary, under intimation to… Continue Reading →

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