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Day January 13, 2022

As Many Children Die Before Their Fifth Birthday In Uttar Pradesh As In Afghanistan

Child mortality rates in several Indian states is similar to that of strife-torn countries ByNushaiba Iqbal|11 Jan, 2022 Noida: Nearly 60 of every 1,000 children born in Uttar Pradesh die before their fifth birthday, almost as many as in Afghanistan, according… Continue Reading →

How ‘Trads vs Raitas’ plays out online as Hindutva fault lines emerge after Bulli Bai row

As the probe into the Bulli Bai & Sulli Deals cases progresses, two alt-Right groups that mushroomed in India’s digital ecosystem have begun clashing online. Bismee Taskin 10 January, 2022 New Delhi: The Hindu Right-wing in India was so far… Continue Reading →

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