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Month November 2023

Stop Adani’s weapons business with Israel

Send an email now https://www.stopadani.com/adani_groups_business_with_israel For the last five years, The Adani Group has been expanding from its energy business in India and Australia, to drone and weapons manufacturing with Israeli weapons manufacturers and for the Israel Defense Forces. The… Continue Reading →

Intercepted calls from the front lines in Ukraine show a growing number of Russian soldiers want out

By ERIKA KINETZ Updated 11:34 AM GMT+5:30, November 26, 2023 In audio intercepts from the front lines in Ukraine, Russian soldiers speak in shorthand of 200s to mean dead, 300s to mean wounded. The urge to flee has become common enough… Continue Reading →

One-third of Indian STEM conferences have no women

Women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics faculty are rare,and women speaking at conferences are even rarer. Dyani Lewis l In the past three years, 35% of all science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) conferences held in India featured only… Continue Reading →

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