Reassert the power of the people!

The people of Koodankulam have been holding fort through ingenious methods of struggle for more than sixteen months now. In spite of all provocations, threats, intimidation, shooting, fabricating false cases, slapping sedition charges, vandalising their homes, desecrating their prayer halls and religious shrines, their will to struggle forward has been exemplary and the methods are impeccably democratic.

Though not expressed, there is a feeling that they have been left to fend for themselves. The corporate media and the capitalist politicians of all colours are using this passivity and have a field day in spreading canards about the Kudankulam struggle and deriding its leadership.

It is needless to say that the struggle against the Kudankulam nuclear plant is not just the struggle of the people of the surrounding areas or even the people of Tamil Nadu itself. To day it exemplifies the struggle to defend democracy which is being hijacked, it is a struggle to reclaim democracy from the rich millionaires to the millions of commoners.

The fighters of Kudankulam can not and should not be left alone. The Kudankulam struggle needs more support and solidarity across the cities-towns and villages of India as the fight against Nuclear Power is the struggle to reassert the power of the people to make this democracy once again work for the majority of ordinary working people and not to coat tail the whims and fancies of the capitalist bigwigs.

We invite all of you to attend a solidarity demo in support of the ongoing anti-nuclear struggle in Kudankulam and other places, where people locally have been fighting valiantly against armed police to defend their land, coast, life and livelihood.

Join us on 24th October @ Townhall, Bangalore, 5 to 6.30pm.

(This International Solidarity Day is simultaneously being organised in Chennai, Pune, London, Berlin, Antwerp, Kaulalampur ,Colombo and many other places)

Organised by: Campaign to Reclaim Democracy, May 17 Movement, Tamil Solidarity, New Socialist Alternative(CWI-India) and many progressives.

contact:9448394365 –Jagadish, 9448296071-Vishwa, 9886634001-Arun, 9980627609 -Narasimha Murthy