MAY DAY in DILI, TIMOR LESTE 86 students and workers arrested in Dili on May Day According spokesperson for the Socialist Party of Timor (PST), Tama Laka Aquita, 86 students and workers were detained today, May 1, in Dili.

The 86 were on a march heading to the Hotel Timor, where they were to express solidarity with hotel workers currently in dispute with the hotel owners and management over wages and arbitrary dismissals.

Among the detained were six workers from the Hotel Timor. The demonstrators were from the Front Maubere, an organisation of students and youth mostly sympathisers with the PST, as well as the Socialist Trade Union Centre (STCST), a trade union in political solidarity with the PST. Tama Laka Aquita, a central leader of the PST, was also detained.

Two protesters were seriously injured and taken to hospital.

Solidarity messages can be sent to Nika via text message (SMS) to            +670-7403491      .


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