The Chairman

West Bengal Human Rights Commission

Bhabani Bhaban


Kolkata 27


Respected Sir,

We lodge this present complaint in the matter of physical torture committed upon the victim Binayak Banerjee from District-Hooghly, West Bengal by the perpetrator police personnel of Serampore Police Station. Our attached fact finding report gives details of the incident. The victim’s father named Mr. Dipankar Banerjee lodged written complaint against the perpetrators before the Superintendent of Police, Hooghly and also before the Sub-Divisional Police Officer; Serampore for taking legal action but till date there is no action.  The victim is a minor one and he was subjected to torture by the perpetrator police personnel on the basis of asking the reason of the harassment by the perpetrators committed upon his father named Mr. Dipankar Banerjee.

We demand stern penal action against the perpetrators police personnel of Serampore Police Station. The whole matter must immediately be probed into by one independent investigating agency appoint ted by the Commission. We also demand adequate compensation and protection for the victim family.

We immediately seek your urgent intervention in this matter so that the perpetrator can be booked under the law immediately.

Thanking You

Yours truly,


Kirity Roy

Secretary, MASUM


National Convener, PACTI

Name of the victim:- Binayak Banerjee, Son of- Mr. Dipankar Banerjee, aged about- 15 years, residing at 30/A Barabagan Lane, Serampore, Post Office- Mallickpara, Police Station- Serampore, District- Hooghly, West Bengal.


Name of the perpetrators:-

Inspector-In-Charge of Serampore Police Station and four other involved police constables of Serampore Police Station


Place of the incident: – In the house of the victim.


Date and time of occurrence: – On 15.11.2012 at about 11 pm.


Case details:-


It is revealed during fact finding that the victim is a minor by age. He is going to appear for class-X examination from the West Bengal Board of Secondary examination in the year 2013.

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On 15.11.2012 at about 11 pm, the Inspector-In-Charge of Serampore Police Station, Hooghly came to Bani Sahitya Mandir under Serampore Police Station with other police personnel and he ordered to leave the area as early as possible where a number of people along with the victim’s father gathered there for observing Kali Puja.


The victim’s father left that place after getting the order from the aforesaid police officer and when he was about to enter into his house one policeman called him from behind and four other involved police constables of Serampore Police Station came at the gate of his house and tried to drag him forcibly without any reason saying that “Chol toke circus dekhiye Ani (we will show you circus)”. In the mean time, the victim named Binayak Banerjee came to that place inside from the house after seeing the harassment of his father on the hands of the perpetrator police personnel and he tried to protest against the same retorting “why are you doing this to my father?”. The perpetrators responded him saying “chol tokeo circus dekhiye ani”(we will also show you circus)”. The victim replied saying “why are you making circus? After hearing the victim the police personnel became furious and they instantly released the victim’s father and captured the victim by neck and tried to throttle him and kicked him with their knees on his upper waist. The victim’s father and the other family members requested the perpetrator police personnel to release the victim. At last they released the victim and left the place. The victim received medical treatment from WALSH (S.D.), Hospital, Serampore on the same day and the medical records of the victim speaks the injuries sustained by him as a result of the assault committed by the perpetrator police personnel.


On 20/11/2012 the victim’s father named Mr. Dipankar Banerjee lodged written complaints before the Superintendent of Police, Hooghly and the Sub-Divisional Police Officer, Serampore against the perpetrator police personnel disclosing the whole incident and he demanded for justice.


As usual, till date, there was no action from the police.

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