April 25, 2022

Confused by all the jargon surrounding the current climate crisis? Here are some definitions you definitely won’t forget.


1. Climate fry-sis

The combination of anger and exhaustion that hits when you read one more article about how switching to metal straws will save the environment.

2. Soul-ar panel

Two days of panel discussions led by a spiritual climate guru who is convinced that the solution to climate change is aligning the planet’s chakras.

3. Car-funk emissions

The guilt you feel when you drive/uber to work instead of taking public transport.

4. Paa-ris Agreement

The unspoken agreement you have with your father: you don’t bring up how the planet may not be livable, and he doesn’t ask about future plans/marriage/having grandchildren.

definition of dictionary in a dictionary-climate change
Picture courtesy: Pixabay/CC BY

5. 3 R’s: Reverence, remorse, regret

The everyday emotions of somebody working in climate justice.

6. Bio-die-versity

All your brain cells dying a slow death while listening to rich businessmen talk about carbon tax.

7. Sustainabili-tea

That one donor who always invites you to their office and offers you ethically grown tea but doesn’t apply a climate or justice lens to their funding.

8. Re-no-able energy

The enthusiasm with which the HR says no to you every time you bring up attending an international conference on climate change.

9. Pollu-shun

When your climate conscious friends shun you for buying a plastic water bottle because you forgot your ethically sourced copper water bottle at home.