Dear Anupam Kher,

I believe you showed your film at JNU. I believe the “anti-national” leftists and Ambekarites didn’t disrupt your screening and threaten to beat you up and/or beat up the director.

Anupam uncle, THAT is the difference between the politics you espouse and the politics of the students who oppose you. They ask you passionate questions after the film screening, without getting violent.

Whereas your supporters in the ABVP heckle and attack students and teachers to stop the screenings of films they don’t agree with. The violent crowd also stopped my film, Muzaffarnagar Baaqi Hai from screening, which is among many films they have met the same fate.

Why? They even murdered young Dalit scholar, Rohith Vemula for screening the film.

When Zee News and Times Now led an assault against JNU, the students responded by giving roses to their reporters. When a reporter questioned your March for India in Delhi, your supporters physically assaulted her.

That, Anupam uncle, is the crucial difference between your politics and ours.

I believe the ‘anti-nationals’ didn’t disrupt your film screening and threaten to beat you up.