Read the Rejoinder-By-ShanthaSinha  petitioner Shanta Sinha (political scientist, anti-child labour activist and padma sri winner) and Kalyani Menon-Sen (noted feminist activist) against the counter affidavit filed by the State on Aadhaar.

It’s not just the savings numbers that have been cooked up, but several other claims as well.

Journalists: Focus on the authentication & savings claims rather than enrollment.
What matters more?
How it works and how much does it save?
 Lies, damn lies & statistics.
1. Aadhaar authentication fails up to 60% of the time.
2. Aadhaar (gross) savings nowehere close to 50,000.
1. The rejoinder relies on government documents and audit records which make the 50,000 crore savings claims incredibly suspect.
 2. The rejoinder relies on government documents to whatever extent available (since UIDAI doesn’t keep records) of authentication failures.
3: Backed up by the tireless work of independent researchers, field workers & activists. Please take some time to read & understand the issues.
4: Denial of rations and exclusion data due to authentication failures from Page 15 onwards.
5: Saving claims of 50,000 crores debunked from Page 19 onwards.
More data in the documents. Built of painstaking field research, analysis of government docs & RTIs by journalists + researchers.