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Dehradun: The district administration has cancelled the contract with the private agency which was responsible for Aadhaar card enrolment after a flood of complaints from local residents. The administration has now roped in a new firm in its place and has also decided to lodge a complaint against them for poor services and inadequate infrastructure.

Out of the 10 wards in which the Hyderabad-based firm was carrying out the work only six wards saw enrolment services actually taking place. Although in a meeting on December 7, the agency had committed to provide best services but failed drastically.

“We are writing to the state government for cancelling that agency’s service and if need be we will also lodge a FIR against them on Monday. The person responsible is not even responding to our calls which reflects irresponsibility on their part, and hence prompting us to take action,” said Pratap Shah, ADM, finance and revenue department, Dehradun.

Now, a Punjab-based agency has been appointed to take charge of carrying out enrollment process in the remaining four wards — 44, 48, 56 and 58 — from Wednesday to provide pro-active services and nip the language problem in the bud.

The previous agency had set up its camp in ward number 4, 24, 11, 28, 45 and 53, from which the complaints about lack of instruments and language gap — agency had only Telgu and English speaking employees — took a toll on local as well as authorities’ patience.

Meanwhile, Vishnu Vardhan, state co-ordinator of the agency, claimed that it was not the agency’s responsibility to arrange amenities at camps and all the operators were well equipped.

However, locale are complaining about unavailability of printers, cords and enough biometric machines at the site.

As per government officials, the agency was responsible for delivering pan services, not just technical. Whereas, they tried to cash in cost free services like space, electricity and water etc. through local councillors.

“From last one month the agency is conducting cost-free camp at the premises of Dehradun Municipal Corporation, unwilling to shell out the contract money which is given to them for good quality services and this explains their state of affairs to everyone,” said Shah.