SHILLONG, Aug 17: The Meghalaya People’s Committee on AADHAR (MPCA) held the ongoing AADHAR enrolment registration carried out in some districts is flawed and not in line with the interim order of the Supreme Court.

The MPCA has no grievances against any individual decision who wanted to enrol themselves, yet it pointed out at the enrolment exercise carried out in villages in the form of coercion. The MPCA, a conglomerate body of social organizations is already contemplating to submit petitions to the Supreme Court on the alleged breach of the interim order.

Member of the MPCA, Reverend P.B.M Basaiawmoit told newsmen on Wednesday, “From the feedback received from the areas that we visited to enlighten the public, we found that there is a kind of coercion on the people to enroll by the lower rank officials. Some of these officials are not even aware of AADHAR.”

Referring to the Supreme Court interim order in March, 2016 which stated that the enrolment should be voluntarily and not mandatory, Basaiawmoit asserted that the war footing enrollment carried out is a breach of the Apex Court order.

It is on this line that the MPCA said that they are collecting all data to submit to the Supreme Court as evidence.

Augustar Jyrwa, KSU general secretary, who is part of the campaign against AADHAR, maintained that the Union as well as the Committee has opposed the ongoing AADHAR enrolment.

Besides alluding on how the Apex Court order was breached by the Government making an AADHAR enrolment compulsory for student to get a scholarship, Jyrwa pointed out at the issue of illegal migrants as a reason for opposing the same.

“Any illegal immigrant without a registration in the National People registration (NPR) can go for an AADHAR enrolment and this can cause more harm than good to the indigenous population,” he said.

He further added that the AADHAR enrolment has to stop in areas with mixed population to ensure that illegal immigrants cannot be part of the biometric card to justify his/her claim of being an Indian National.  

Kyrsoi Pyrtuh of the Thma u Rangli (TUR), said, “How can you enforce AADHAR join up on young students when they have not reach the age of giving independent consent,” he quipped, even as pointed out that only certain sections of the Union Government Act have been notified.

Interestingly, the AADHAR issue in the Meghalaya has a religious twist. Some of the Christian clerics with immense influence have termed the enrollment as a way to let the so called number of the beast -666 to come and overtake them and the world.http://www.sentinelassam.com/meghalaya/story.php?sec=2&subsec=8&id=278134&dtP=2016-08-18&ppr=1