What would happen if one found out that the official date of birth of a person’s father, mother, grandparents, children, uncle or even the neighbours was the same -January 1?
As bizarre as this sounds, for locals of Kanjasa village of Jasra block of Gurpur in Allahabad, it is a reality. Aadhaar cards of all residents of Kanjasa village mention their date of birth as January 1. The village, with a population of over 10,000, feels cheated as they had to wait for a long time to get an Aadhaar card.The error came to light when teachers of the local government primary school visited the village to register the Aadhaar card number of each student, as mandated by the state government to track schoolgoing children in Uttar Pradesh.

Village head Ram Dulari said, “We have been intimated about the wrong date of birth on Aadhaar cards. The error would be corrected and new Aadhaar cards would be issued to villagers soon.“

“When we started recording the Aadhaar card numbers of students, we found that almost every student in the village was born on the same date, but in different years. First, we thought that it may be a coincidence, but then we noticed that the problem was not limited to the stu dents and we came to know about the massive blunder that had been made by the officials responsible for entering these details,“ said Neelu, a teacher of the local primary school. Moreover, many of the students are much older than the age mentioned on their Aadhaar cards, Neelu added.

A resident of the Kanjasa village, Gujrati Devi said, “Itni mushkil se to hamara card bana raha aur wo bhi galat ban gawa, ab dekho dobara kab banat hai (We got Aadhaar cards after such a long wait and then too it’s of no use. Let’s see how long does it take this time.) “We would first find out which agency was entrusted with making Aadhaar cards for this village and then the department would correct the wrong details entered in the cards,“ said the ADM (finance and revenue), Daya Shankar Pandey .