Updates from Supreme Court – Day 2

After an eventful Day 1Senior Advocate Shyam Divan commenced his arguments on Day 2 on making #Aadhaar mandatory for filing Income Tax Returns.

  1. Shyam Divan rattling off statistics on identity theft in arguments; quotes the Angela Merkel example
  2. “[Is the state] by an electronic leash, going to walk us around like a dog for the rest of our life?”
  3. “Seems like Shyam Divan wants stealthily slip in arguments on privacy issues in #Aadhaar” AG Rohatgi objects vociferously
  4. “Nowhere in the world such number tagging is done. It used to happen in [Nazi] concentration camps”
  5. Sr. adv. Shyam Divan cites doctrine of informed consent as a barrier to leaking of sensitive data like fingerprints
  6. The very object of the provision is discriminatory, between persons who have parted with bio metrics and those who don’t
  7. Day 2 hearing concludes; To resume tomorrow, Shyam Divan to continue.

Gautam Bhatia (@@gautambhatia88), Advocate, has been live tweeting each of the arguments from the Supreme Court. Here are his tweets (Best to read from bottom up)