How much does “Ab ki baar modi sarkar” & “Har haath shakti, har haath taraki” cost?


In the last few days where ever i have gone i have been bombarded with two slogans from all around. One is from BJP. “Ab ki baar Modi Sarkar” as if one man is going to run the government and the other one is from Congress. “Har haath shakti, Har haath tarakki“. similar to how they did in last 10 years.
Now, i was wondering how much does it cost to sell these slogans. Tried to find on BJP and Congress websites but couldnt find anything on how much are they spending and where. So took an alternate route to inferenece the cost. here is the result.
Here are some figures on how much does it cost to advertise on various channels. These figures indicate that on an average both BJP and Congress are investing at least 100 crores on major modes of advertisement. This is a very conservative estimate and actual amount being spent could be much much higher.
Cost of advertising in a News Paper
Cost of one full page advertisement in a major news paper in one city = 10-80 lakhs approx. Assuming avg cost as 10 lakhs cost to advertise twice and in at least 5 newspaper of 20 cities across India the total cost comes to
Cost of advertisement * 20 cities * 2 advertisement * 5 newspapers = 20 Crore and above..
Reference :
Cost of advertisement on a TV Channel
Cost of a 10 second advertisement on a TV channel during prime time varies from 10,000 to 1.5 lakhs per 10 sec.So cost of one avg 30 sec ad on a TV channel done 5 times a day for one whole month on 10 diff TV channels comes around to
cost of 30 sec clip * 5 times * 30 days * 10 tv channels = 4.5 crores to 67.5 Crores.
Reference :
Cost of a advertisement on a bill board in a major cities.
Cost of a 40ft * 40ft bill board in mumbai for a month costs around 15-16 lakhs.Considering 20 such bill boards in each 4 metro cities cost comes around to 12 crores. 20 cities and cost goes upto 60 crore.
Reference :
Cost of advertising on Radio Channels
Cost of advertising on a radio channel can vary from 1000 to 20,000 per 10 seconds per ad. Cost of advertising during peak times costs more. So a radio ad campaign consisting of a 30 second ad for 20 times a day for a month on 5 radio channels will in between 90 lakhs to 18 crores.
Reference :
Cost of advertising on Twitter
A promoted trend on twitter costs around 5.5 lakhs a day per promoted trend. 10 such promoted trends in a month will cost 55 lakh rupees.
Cost of advertising on YouTube
A youtube video can be promoted to reach 100k people in 1 lakh rupees. How much one spends on this is a little difficult to be quantified but more is the reach of a particular paid promotion more has been paid for it.
Other channels of promotion that are used and for which it is not possible to inference money spent are as follows.
Facebook promotion – You can pay facebook to get likes, views, reach more audience. More you pay more is your reach.
Promotion on buses – Public transport buses can be used to promote your brand. Here also we see BJP Congress ads on all buses everyday but its not possible to find the amount spent here by anyone.
Promotion on websites – This is also a mechanism where a lot of money is being invested but is not possible to quantify that.
Now question that we all should be asking ourselves is if this much is being spent to get into power, guess how much will they make after getting it?
– Nitin Singh
Ab ki baar modi sarkarIf you cant make it, Fake it.

If you cant make it, Fake it.
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