A  Kractivist with  Multiple Personality Disorder ( MPD)  which encompasses a clinical psychologist, journalist, lawyer and activist.

Paranaoid about human rights and women rights,

Obsessive compulsive about rights based approach,

Hysterical about dwindling child sex ratio and missing girls in india,

Maniac about joys of life 🙂 and meeting people from different cultures and places,

Hypochondriac about the advocacy strategies,

A die hard optimist ,

The loudest slogan shouter in a protest and an animated animator 😉 with a witchy echoing laughter which reverberates in the neighbourhood upto 5 km and also sometimes has the magical power of making cracks on wall :-)))))))) on the verge of being in Guinness world book of records on laughter hahahahahahah

Watch out as the kractivist kracks the kractivism  😉