Anish Tore

A letter was written by Principal of Fergusson College to Pune Police saying that ANTI-NATIONAL SLOGANS were raised by students in FC & action should be taken against them… This was shocking for us.But in the morning we heard the news that the Principal has WITHDRAWN this letter & has said that the words ‘Anti-National’ were included due to a TYPING MISTAKE.

It was clear that the Principal was merely a Rubber Stamp,the Real people behind this move to label us as “Anti-National” was the RIGHTIST Student Organisation & Management of FC

The Second letter was issued by Fergusson Administration today which has clarifies that the programme held by ABVP was 100% ILLEGAL & Action will be taken against them. This is HUGE Victory for Students of FC. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY OF FC, ABVP is being held accountable for its Actions.FOR THE FIRST TIME, the rules of FC College,which were on forced on others,are now also being applied on ABVP.

The letter which was based on UNTRUTH has been withdrawn.The letter which is based on TRUTH has now come out now.Things are changing… Fergusson is becoming a DEMOCRATIC & EQUALITY-based Campus.

I am reminded of GANDHI’s quote here,which describes our Journey very nicely-

“First They Ignore You….
Then they Laugh at You…
Then they Fight You….
Then You WIN!”