Prateek Goyal & Mubarak Ansari

PUNE: Pune police which doesn’t have a single concrete evidence against the five persons arrested for their alleged role in Elgar Parishad at Shaniwarwada on December 31 is leveling all its allegations just on the basis of a letter written by a so called comrade ‘M’ to Delhi based activist Rona Wilson. Though police claims that letter is written is by senior Maoist leader Milind Teltumbade it raises many questions on its credibility as it has a political tome to it.

The letter which is in possession of Sakal Times starts with the greeting to Rona Wilson , the letter states, “ Dear Comrade Rona, Lal Johar, we have received two letters and PGP (Pretty Good Privacy )material through Manoj, we have also informed the concerned area commanders about the upcoming fact finding of 6th December. In case the fact finding is delayed due to present condition in the state, it should be rescheduled for end of month.The higher committee appreciated the untiring efforts of all urban comrades with regards to political prisoners and also for the specific tasks that were assigned to MO ( Movement Organization) leadership in Delhi and Maharashtra. Overall agenda that was set out in the last ERB ( East regional Bureau) meeting seems to be largely followed on the ground, campaigns in support of the marginalized people are now visible in some states but there is still lot of ground to cover.

The letter further states and mentioned the name of all arrested five persons , “Comrade Manglu , Comrade Deepu have been coordinating the Koragaon praogramme since two months with Comrade Sudhir , they have been able to gather support from large sections of Dalits across the state.RDAA comrade Jignesh and Comrade Umar are young fighters of our revolution with strong support from comrade Prakash Ambedkar . We can forsee the outcome of their efforts in consolidating many dalit struggles across the country within few years.Last year in July and August the higher committee has provided two rounds of funds to comrade Sudhir for this task. Comrade Shoma and Comrade Surendra are authorities to provide the funds for future programs. The Bhima-Koregaon agitation has been very effective/ the unfortunate death of a youth must be exploited to prepare future agitations and propaganda material.Please explore the possibility of new fact finding to further highlight the incident. Simultaneously, try to engage with our friends in London and elsewhere, Radha D souza, Azad HoshiyarpuriMarques and others to organize the similar programs.

It further states about the congress and says, “if conditions are right, one of the CC ( Central Committee) member will join the international meeting to honor the invitations from swedish delegates at London. Senior Comrades from the CPI (Maoist) urban leadership have had prior talks with our friends in Congress who suggested to continue the dalit mobilizations more aggressively, whatever legal and financial aid is required they are ready to provide to through the intermediary Jignesh/ Dallit sentiments are clearly against the brahim-centered agenda of BJP-RSS. This should be converted into large scale mobilization and Chaos.For the first time since coming to cover the state government feels heavily cornered on this issue. We must keep up the pressure through simultaneous protest programs across many states, it will undoubtedly help to take down the Modi juggernaut in 2019.Proof of which is visible through Gujrat election results.

The letter further mentions states, “ Congress friends have assured assistance for the release of senior political prisoners include comrade Cobad and Comrade Sai, please speak with brother Anand , inform him to send reports through comrade manoj.USDF (United Students Democratic front) activists can support us to organize protest across BJP ruled states”

It is significant to note that according to police claims the letter was found in the computer of Rona Wilson.

The letter with starts with Lal Johar raises a question as there is nothing such Lal Johar in tribal culture. The letter which is dated January 2 mentions that an upcoming event is coming on 6th December, which raises the doubt as December never comes after January.

Anand Teltumbade, brother of Milind Teltumbade and a professor at renowned Goa Institute of Management said, “this is absolute nonsense, this is a figment of there imagination and everybody knows what police is capable of. This letter is absolutely planted and no Maoist will write such kind of thin and will send it to somebody. They do not have basic brains to copy a letter; they are stooping to such a low level that it even beyond comment. Rona Wilson might be a sympathizer but he is not in touch in party, Jignesh Mewani is just being targeted because he is critical of Modi. Any democratic government should be ashamed of such politics.”

Suzan Abraham, the lawyer representing the five persons said, “They are just making allegations on the basis of some letter which were refuted by the arrested persons, they have not even handed the letter to us , they are just making some stories.Its totally a fabricated thing.


Tosif Shaikh, another defence lawyer, said, “The prosecution was alleging that these people were collecting Rs 8 crore for acquiring a weapon, M-4 Machine, which can shoot 4 lakh rounds. They said Mahesh Raut has received Rs 5 lakh for PESA work.We argued that the prosecution is just sensationalising the case by bringing the matter of the attack on Rajiv Gandhi and trying to bring it into reference with the current prime minister.”

source- Sakal Times