BREAKING: The Turnbull Government just approved Adani’s Abbot Point coal port on the Great Barrier Reef coast.

Only days ago, we discovered the Queensland Government was hiding plans to build a secret second port for Adani. If it goes ahead, it will mean another enormous dredging project in Reef waters, and untold damage to marine life.

Unbelievably, there’s no mention of this second port in the new approval, but the Environment Minister pushed it through in the face of this glaring omission anyway.

He’s trying to sneak this destructive dredging project through just days before Christmas, and he’s hoping we won’t notice.

Well, he’s got another thing coming, because we’ve stopped his bogus approvals in court before, and we can do it again.

Chip in now to help fight Adani in court. 

We’ve already beaten Adani in the courts when Minister Hunt failed to adequately consider evidence in the past.

Earlier this year, we helped the Mackay Conservation Group defeat the Carmichael mine in Federal Court. And in 2013 GetUp members funded two court cases that stopped the Abbot Point expansion in its tracks. They were historic cases that forced new laws banning dredge spoil from being dumped out at sea.

But, under huge pressure from the coal lobby and conservatives within his party, Greg Hunt has just re-approved Adani’s destructive, unprofitable coal disaster.

This port will involve more than a million cubic metres of dredging in Great Barrier Reef World Heritage waters. It will make way for a company with a documented history of bribery, corruption and environmental destruction to build one of the biggest coal mines in the world.

The mine would create more carbon emissions than most countries. It will heat the oceans, bleach our coral and undermine international efforts to stop global warming. On every level, this is a disaster.

We’ve done it before. Now, we have no choice. To stop this project, we have to do it again.

Will you chip in to fight the Abbot Point coal terminal in court?

We feared this would happen, so we’ve been partnering with lawyers and environment groups behind the scenes. Like last time, we’re working furiously to uncover our legal options. We’ll keep you up to date at every update as we learn more. And if for any reason we’re not able to launch the case, we’ll offer everyone a full refund.

Together, out movement is going up against the might of the Federal Government and a multi-billion dollar mining company. So we’ll desperately need money to build a team of the best researchers, for barristers and solicitors we can find.

This is a fight that GetUp members have been fighting for years. Together, we’ve filled the streets, launched historic cases and lobbied banks across the world. Somehow, they’re refusing to admit they’re on the wrong side of history.

Let’s prove it: we will not sit idly by as our leaders sell out our future and our planet for a rich few in the coal industry.

We’re in this til the end. Can you join us in taking it to Adani one more time?

For the climate. For the Reef. For our future.