PANAJI: Additional sessions judge Pramod Kamat on Tuesday offered to recuse himself from hearing the case against Tehelka’s founder editor Tarun Tejpal, who is accused of allegedly raping a colleague. In his previous stint as law secretary, the judge had participated in the decision-making process of appointing lawyers for the prosecution in the case.

When Tejpal’s case came up for the hearing, Kamat said that he was the then law secretary of the state government and played a role in appointing senior counsel Saresh Lotlikar and special public prosecutor Francisco Tavora to represent the state.

Kamat also said that besides appointing the lawyers, he has not given any opinion in the case and if Tejpal has an objection then he must let him know. “If you (Tejpal) have any objection then you must put it in writing, and I don’t want to proceed with the case,” Kamat added.

Tejpal’s counsel Rajiv Gomes sought time to file a reply. Tejpal was present in the court when the judge offered to recuse himself from hearing the matter.

Tejpal’s lawyer filed an application before the court seeking a copy of some of the documents of the supplementary chargesheet, which was filed on August 27. These documents were not given to the accused.

“What we have asked for has not been given and we have been given something which we had not asked at all. The trial cannot take place unless the order of the court in this regard is complied with,” Gomes said. During the last hearing, Tejpal’s counsel had also moved an application pointing out that the police is yet to furnish him with the entire documents of the chargesheet copy, which was filed on February 17. Subsequently, Tavora filed a reply to this.

The matter is fixed for hearing both applications filed by the Tejpal on Friday afternoon.

Tejpal, who was arrested on November 30, 2013, had been in judicial custody since December 4, 2013, for well over 100 days. He is presently out on bail granted to him by the Supreme Court.