Senior High Court Advocate Condemns Arrest of Rupinder Singh and Brother by Punjab Police

FARIDKOT, Punjab—Advocate HS Phoolka today visited families of Shaheed Bhai Gurjit Singh and Shaheed Bhai Krishan Bhagwan Singh at village Behbal Klan to extend his condolences.  These Singhs were shot dead by the Punjab Police at Kotkapura where the Sikh Sangat were observing a “sit-down” protest against lack of Government action in the case of Guru Granth Sahib’s sacrilege at Bargadi.

Addressing the media gathering there, HS Phoolka appealed the Sikh intellectuals and thinkers to intervene in the current circumstances of Punjab.  “It’s important that everyone rises above the situation to save Punjab from entering into a possible civil war,” he said.

He strongly condemned the arrest of two brothers in the Bargadi beadbi case and stated that the Government was trying to frame innocent Sikhs.  He announced to fight their cases at his own expense.

He said that it is very unfortunate that Sikhs are being martyred by Punjab government solely for demanding justice in desecration cases of Sri Guru Granth Sahib. He said that he would legally aid the victim families in every way to avail them justice.