The All India Democratic Women’s Association (AIDWA) condemns in the strongest terms, the gang rape of the five NGO women workers in the Kochang village in Khunti district of Jharkhand.  The brazen manner in which the women were abducted at gun-point and raped and then silenced into not reporting the crime reflects the total lawlessness and the atmosphere of terror prevalent in the BJP-ruled state. It also indicates the failure of the local administration to ensure the safety and security of the women who were campaigning to raise awareness against such important issues of migration and human trafficking.
The abduction, gang rape and threats to the five women is not an isolated incident. It must be viewed in the current scenario where extra-constitutional and self-anointed vigilante groups are having a free rein to lynch, rape, murder, loot, etc. They also have no fear of the law and derive tacit acquiescence and support from their political masters. It is the certainty of such political patronage from the BJP-RSS that has seen a spurt in the number and ferocity of such assaults including the gang rape. The assault is a violent attempt to terrorize, subjugate and oust women from participating in social and developmental activities.
We have seen in recent weeks the shocking phenomenon of BJP leaders and elected representatives brazenly defending those accused of crimes against women. Coming after the equally condemnable incidents at Kathua and Unnao and the role played by BJP-RSS leaders in them, this thoroughly exposes the hollowness of the ‘Beti Bachao’ slogan of the Modi regime. The time has come to raise the slogan, “BJP se Beti Bachao” all over the country.
AIDWA expresses indignation and anger at the incident which occurred just 80 km from the state capital and exhorts the authorities to investigate and arrest the real culprits and mete out stringent punishment to them without any delay. The government should also ensure the safety of the women victims and witnesses.
AIDWA calls upon all its units to immediately organize big protests against this heinous Jharkhand gang rape and the increasing atrocities on women all over the country.
Malini Bhattacharya          President                             Mariam Dhawale                General Secretary