Gladson Dungdung said his fight for the rights of adivasis is what got him deplaned on Monday morning.

Air India offloaded an activist from its New Delhi to London flight on Monday morning, May 9, 2016 stating that his passport needed verification as it was impounded in 2013.

Gladson Dungdung, however says that his fight for the rights of adivasis his what led to him being deplaned from the AI 115 by the state-run carrier.

In a Facebook post, Dungdung said, “I was going to attend the Workshop on Environmental History and Politics of South Asia to be held in the University of Sussex, UK on May 10th. The reason told to me is that my passport had been impounded in 2013, therefore, they will send it back to RTO, Ranchi for verification.”

Gladson Dungdung's photo.

However, he continues, that after his passport was impounded, it was returned to him after thorough verification in 2014. Since then, the activist has attended a couple of international conferences in Denmark and London in 2014 and 2015 without facing any issues.

Dundung said, “I m sure that this is a clear impact of my book “Mission Saranda: A War for Natural Resources in India,” he said.

“My fight for the Adivasis‘ ownership rights over the Natural resources, Adivasi identity, Human Rights, Ecology and against unjust development processes will continue till they take away my right to life forever. Jai Adivasi!” he concluded.