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for Students’  REFERENDUM on FYUP

to be held  in front of  DU colleges on 22 Aug from 10am onwards

Dear Madam/Sir,

For the first time, we students will vote to voice OUR opinion

on OUR University, OUR courses, OUR future…

In this context we seek your support and help…       

We have all been witness to the arrogant and forced imposition of FYUP on DU, in spite of the appeals and concerns of so many teachers, students, educationists and well wishers. Today, as the FYUP unfolds, its dismaying impact is obvious to all. The first year students are clueless and frustrated as it has been more than three weeks but still there is no attempt by authorities to listen to their issues and queries. Newspapers have carried extensive reports on the ridiculous content of the foundation courses, the students’ sense of being forced to waste time on courses that yield no knowledge, the chaotic situation of infrastructure, the frustration of teachers and massive downsizing of workload and employment avenues for early career teachers – and also the DU Administration enforced silencing of all these questions.

The TOI reported recently (15 Aug) that at a meeting with teachers, the DU VC declared that there could be ‘no further dicussion on FYUP’ and that ‘the damage has been done, and nothing can be done about it now.’ In interaction with students, the DU VC has recently snubbed a query from a perturbed student by asking her why she chose DU when she was free to take admission elsewhere!

In this situation, if teachers are feeling silenced, students are feeling even more so. Education, after all, is not a product which students can ‘return’ or ‘exchange’ or even buy a new one if unsatisfied! The FYUP is playing a cruel experiment with their future, even as they acutely feel its impact. And their voice and opinions on the education that will affect them worst of all goes unheard even though thousands of them participated in the class boycott and protest rally on 7th August.

That’s why the students of DU will hold a referendum on FYUP on 22nd August, 10 am onwards in front of the colleges. We are appealing to all those concerned about the FYUP’s devastating impact, to reach out and help to make the Referendum a platform where students’ voice can truly be heard. We have appealed to students to come forward as volunteer in this historic exercise.

We request you to spread the message to as many students in as many colleges as possibleto make the Referendum successful .

Teachers of this university have been a backbone of this movement. Despite their difficult schedule of teaching, evaluation and admission work, they came out in large numbers throughout the summer months to carry forward the movement. Several educationists, academics and intellectuals have also lent their valuable support by writing and speaking about the dangers of this massive structural change in the crucial undergraduate programme in the largest Central University of the country.

We appeal to all of you to help us conduct the Referendum by motivating students to not only cast their votes in the Referendum but also by making them appreciate the relevance of a Referendum on an issue which critically affects their future. In today’s circumstances of shrinking democratic culture and spaces we must reclaim and assert our right to speak and decide.

We appeal to Teachers and Intellectuals to participate in the process of referendum as OBSERVERS and ensure transparency and credibility of the entire process. 

Looking forward to your full support, participation, and cooperation,

Sunny Kumar

for AISA, 9213974505


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