Dear Friends, 

Greetings from Taloja prison, Mumbai.

I hope you are all keeping fine. I want to share with you that I am keeping good health, despite some ailments. A few fellow prisoners are very helpful to me. Considering my age and inability to adopt to prison conditions, I am given an assistant to help me to move around. I have been given a private cell with commode facility and simple special diet. I have access to some journals and magazines. I spend my time in reading, praying and interacting with fellow prisoners.

I have asked for some warm clothes as it is cold here. I hope the prison authorities will permit me to have them to protect me. I am languishing in prison for some alleged offences, which I have not committed. If this is God’s will, so be it.

I hope truth will win and I will be released soon on bail. I received your greetings and prayers through one of my Jesuit colleagues, whom I called over phone on 25 October, Sunday morning.

I am allowed to make phone calls once in 15 days. Continue to remember me and all my friends here in the prison.

 Fr. Stan Swamy