You ran pell-mell in the dark woods

On the shores of Kenya

I ran same way with the torn school bag

On the way to Thirumangalam* burial grounds…

(**A place near Madurai in South India)

When you thrashed out in Washington courts

I bickered with Vazhudhavur vanniars**…

(** Caste Hindus)

The dream of Dr. King was as lovely

As a smoked beef on a thatched leaf

Law of Manu and principles of Gandhi…smelted in the Cheri”s*** urine …

Like stinking cow dung…

(***Cheri is a slum where untouchable live)

The anger of Abraham Lincoln was a spine

For the dented American blacks…

Dr. Ambedkar”s fistful fury was

Our back up umbilical chord…

And a wet fertilizer on the roots

Of our lifeless vines…

When you called your formula CHANGE

We were eased that you understood

Our Father Ambedkar”s rebellious songs…

But your brash of Gandhi”s epic

Smelt like the puke of Pondicherry Anjapuli *^^

After his gulp of illicit arrack..

(^^*he is a drunkard)

You went to study law with an injury

Of thorn bite on your toes

I went to Delhi (JNU) with just a dollar in my custody…

As you looked exactly like my elder buddy

Anjalai amma* welcomed you to

Eat tapioca in a delicious dry fish curry…

(**Anjalai is mother of the poet)

You went to eat mutton with

Manmohan sing and witnessed

Doves in Humayun”s tomb…

But, Shivalingam** Thotti ***

Prepared soaked rice

In the left over sugar after

Burning human carcass…

(** Shivalingam is father of the poet

*** Thotti is a street cleaner who also burns human carcass in the burial

You danced with Micheli Mathini )

In the TAJ after dinner with Ambani…

Our million people waited with

Parai^ and periamelam Munusami^*…

(*****elder brothers wife*

*^ *Parai is the drum played by dalits *

^ a famous drum artist who plays big drum)

We invited you to see Ambedkar in out thatched hut

You went with Gandhi in the luxuriously simple chalet…

Come again … come again my elder brother

Our people are waiting to host you

With hand pound rice rolls

Our history of love and fraternity is the binding agent

With a dash of black Negroes” spiciness

Eat to your heart”s contentment

Let”s dance to the drum tunes of

Periamelam Munusamy

You choose the moonwalk of King of pop….

Casteist sadists queued up behind your buttocks

Not as a black …but as a president of US

In the shit feeding villages are the

Computer literate slaves

The Indian Negroes….

Yes their name still untouchable …..

For the first time Indian alligators chased

Crows with their right hand while eating***

**(Expression of showing sympathy)*

When your flight landed in Mumbai

Wily casteist Indians out cried


With the intolerable pain of their whip

We cried appa amma **

***( Father mother) *

They blind folded you with black ribbon to thwart seeing us

You walked on the red carpet soaked in our blood…

You celebrated Diwali with oppressor maniacs

They didn”t even give us a torn cloth

To wipe oozing blood on our lynched ass…

No problem we will use the

Indian flag after removing Ashoka Chakra

Anna** Obama Anna Obama

**(*Elder brother) *

You know there is also salt in

The food prepared with the money

Of Anjalai”s sweat on weeding and

Sivalingam”s funeral pyre drum coolie…

Even this poem is the begging bowl from that money…

When you returned from Delhi every one shouted


I cried alone near the India Gate (Delhi) …..

Appa … ammaa…

(Father Mother).
(Written by Dr. VEERAMANI, during brother Mr Presidents’s visit to India)

(Translated by Raju Arumugam, Humphrey fellow, University Michigan, USA)