18th May 2020

On one hand, IAF helicopters shower flowers on the doctors treating them as Corona warriors,on the other hand, a doctor is thrashed by police for raising issues of shortage of personal protection equipments and masks, This was raised by the Andhra Pradesh High Court in an order passed today


.Andhra Pradesh High Court on Monday took suo motu cognizance of the thrashing of Dr K Sudhakar by Vishakapatnam police on Saturday and directed the chief
secretary to appear personally in the court on Wednesday.

Hearing the case treating as PIL ,Justice Rakesh Kumar today described the
incident as highly deplorable and observed in the order passed today”we are
inwardly shocked”In his order,Justice Rakesh Kumar said on the instructions of
the chief justice,the newspapers reports and video clippings were considered as
PIL petition.

If it is true,the court would like to hear from the state government what steps have been taken against the policemen and officers concerned.

Dr Sudhakar’s mother was not allowed to meet him in police custody on the orders of the Police Commissioner,Court regretted.

According to the order sheet available with us,the court appointed a senior lawyer,R Veera Reddy as amicus curiae to assist the court..Justice Rakesh Kumar asked the chief secretary to personally file and affidavit and appear on Wednesday.Dr Sudhakar should also be brought before the court for examinations on the allegations.

Dr Sudhakar was suspended last month for raising the issues of reported shortage of PPEs and masks in the hospital,according to the court order.

Doctors and other health workers are risking their lives to protect the Corona
patients,Misbehaviour by Vishakapatnam police is deplorable. He was thrashed
publicly,thrashed by the police, hands were tied to his back and he was loaded in a tempo,the order sheet read. Doctors are being treated as substitute to God during Corona period,IAF helicopters are showering flower petals on them in recognition to their services,and a doctor is being beaten police publicly, Court observed and
described the case as of great importance.

It listed the matter as case number 1 on Wednesday. Justice Rakesh Kumar was
ransferred to Andhra Pradesh last year for his order in which he had condemned his brother judges and then chief justice of Patna High court for “corrupting high court judicature at Patna: and protecting the corrupt. by the High Court.