Ranjan, Hindustan Times  Bhopal, December 28, 2014

Having sex frequently can reduce your lifespan, if BJP MP from Bhopal Alok Sanjar is to be believed.

It seems Sanjar had his foot in his mouth when he came to attend a programme organised to mark Bhopal Test Tube Baby Centre’s 10th Foundation Day in Bhopal on Sunday. The BJP MP said having sex frequently can drastically reduce a person’s lifespan.

Speaking to the gathering, Sanjar said people used to pray to God to come to their wives’ wombs (to take birth). They treated it like a ‘yajna’. God responded positively to the prayer. “But, now people have made sex a play (sex ko khel bana diya hai),” he said.

“I was reading Krishna when I went through a memoir. A man asks Lord Krishna when should one have sex? The reply was ‘for birth of a child’. The man asked what if he wanted to have more? The reply was ‘once in 12 years’. The man insisted again to have the reply of ‘once in six years’. When he asked again, the reply was ‘once in a year’. Then the reply was ‘once in six months’ and then ‘once in a month’. But when the man asked again what if he was not satisfied, then Lord Krishna said one should do this with a shroud (qafan) by his side,” said Sanjar.

Sanjar said a child is the second form of God. So, people should take care of them forever and respect their parents too.

When contacted, Dr Randheer Singh of the test tube baby centre said the MP meant that people should exercise restraint so that a woman didn’t have to give birth to children one after another. In our society, birth of a child is considered as the second life of the mother. Frequent child birth only affects the health of a mother and this is a scientific truth.

However, when asked what his statement means, Sanjar said he intended to say birth of a child should be treated as a ‘yajna’ when God responded to people’s prayers.