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Mr Anurag Kashyap,

You say “I have seen the CCTV footage too and none of what the girl says about Tarun Tejpal is true”…
Who showed you the footage? I and most people havent seen the footage – rightly so, because legally we cant. So is the footage being shown to selected individuals in the media, the film world?
Does the footage show what happened inside the lift?



And I have seen the CCTV footage too and none of what the girl says about Tarun Tejpal is true.- yeh statement hai and then he has posted Manu Josephs article

STATUS ON ANURAG KAHSYAP– And I have seen the CCTV footage too and none of what the girl says about Tarun Tejpal is true.- yeh statement hai and then he has posted Manu Josephs article
le like this.
Jattin Kapoor I hope you realize the import of what you are saying… more so because your voice carries some def. influence. Also, your comment being open ended, leaves a scope of multiple interpretations. Yesterday at 01:43 · Like · 2
Somen Mishra Recognize that victims of trauma tell their stories in fragments and not chronologically. “It’s not good to say: ‘Oh, but you just said it happened this way,’” she said. –http://www.cjr.org/…/the_right_way_to_write_about_r.php… The right way to write about rape www.cjr.org When Claudia Garcia-Rojas, an activist and advocate from Chicago, began assembli…See more Yesterday at 01:49 · Like · 3
Anurag Kashyap Somen Mishra see the footage and you will see more than that meets the eye Yesterday at 01:53 · Like · 2
Somen Mishra arre but how can you conclude what happened in the lift by looking at the footage outside? Some psychoanalysis that. Denying bail is unfair, politics at play, but to attack the girl to make his case look stronger is weird. i maybe completely wrong and whatever is the truth, but the tone of the article is nauseating, same strategy of get the daughter in the picture, project a family image, exactly what Tejpal did while appearing in court. the slant is bit obvious. Yesterday at 01:58 · Like ·
6 Deepak Swaminathan What was mentioned a s ‘in the footage ‘ in no way corroborates his story of consent. Yesterday at 02:02 · Like · 2
Anurag Kashyap See it Yesterday at 02:07 · Like
Gautam Kishanchandani is the footage available on the net? Yesterday at 02:10 · Like Sanjay Gandhi Padi lakdi laili.. Yesterday at 05:05 · Like
Gayatri Jayaraman That’s hardly possible to tell. A police officer I interviewed after the case told me “our problem is as a society we need victims to look and behave like victims. And here is a woman who is empowered aware clear and focused. We seem to be punishing her more for that, than we are punishing him for any crime”. That evidence, firstly should not be seen in isolation. It should not be seen by members of the public at all. It is court evidence. That it is being released in this manner itself speaks volumes of the character of the assailant. He may well be innocent. But let the courts decide that with due process of the law being followed. Yesterday at 07:48 · Edited · Like · 11
Zachary Coffin i hope your filmmaking isn’t becoming as careless as your language Yesterday at 08:24 · Like · 1
Gayatri Jayaraman Pls read a story in today’s Indian Express called ‘Here She is’ on page 14. It’s about a woman being proved right 23 yrs later and sticking to her story. Yesterday at 08:33 · Like · 1
Neeraj Serohi Hi Anurag! 1. Tejpal isnt half the crusader he has always claimed to be. 2. No smoke without fire. 3. If he did not do anythng….. WTF was he apologising for in the mails he sent to the victim. 4. Case is subjudice…..let the law take iits own course. Yesterday at 09:00 · Like · 2
Vishakha Singh I don’t buy it. No girl in her right mind would accuse a man this openly knowing fully well she neither has the money nor the influence to help her sail through this long battle . As far as Tejpal is concerned , He is a bullshitter! Yesterday at 11:15 · Like
Deepika Deshpande Amin That’s a very strong statement to make, Anurag! The first instinct of any woman who has been molested/ assaulted/ raped or harassed is to hide it and not create a scene. Yes ! Even educated and liberated women. So if you are basing your judgement on the fact that she walked out of the lift quietly without weeping and wailing like film rape victims, then you do not understand a woman’s thinking and the humiliation and shame she feels. 22 hours ago · Like · 2
Sona Mohapatra The CCTV footage ??!! You , an above intelligent man chooses to treat the CCTV footage as proof or otherwise ? 20 hours ago · Like · 1 Anurag Kashyap Well I believe what I saw, and it shows more than you expect. I wonder why the footage is not public. 19 hours ago · Like · 2 Anurag Kashyap Rest is all hypothesis.. 19 hours ago · Like
Anku Pande I may want to rephrase that to ‘what the girl says happened outside the lift is not true coz we dont see that in the cctv footage’ ….the rest what happened inside who knows and none of us other than the girl and tarun tejpa l will know how much was personal space intruded ..’none’ maybe an assumption too 19 hours ago · Edited · Like
Smm Ausaja The girl going ballistic definitely has a backing of you-know-who. The same haste wasn’t shown by the Goa govt in the various land scam and Mining loot cases, how come? If Tarun is wrong he should be punished, but if he isnt then its definitely witch-hunt. And its certainly NOT rape!! 19 hours ago · Like · 1
Anku Pande smm so a girl complaining about rape is going ‘ballistic’ and has to happen coz of backing otherwise girls keep quiet and dont complain?? secondly if finger penetration is not rape then neither should rod be..let the rapists on the bus go free or we have them in jail coz the girl died and it was too cruel..so we decide rape on the basis of injury caused not sexual violation? 14 hours ago · Edited · Like · 2
Smm Ausaja We are debating presumptions… 19 hours ago · Like · 1 Anku Pande and I questioned your presumption… 19 hours ag o · Like · 1 Sid Mewara Assumptions, presumptions, dubious theories, people are so entrentched in their camps that they refuse to hear the otherside. Let it play out. 17 hours ago · Like · 2
Ravi Iyengar Since you have decided to pass the judgment, maybe you should have reviewed the footage with the girl and ask her views on any inconsistency before jumping to conclusions. In any case if it was consensual … Don’t you think they would have gone to a room or taken a room rather than do it in a lift. 14 hours ago · Like · 1
Malika Singh I agree with you Anurag. Not only is her statement inconsistent with the footage, if you know her like I know her, the question of non consent doesn’t even arise. We all know how she’s felt about Tarun for a long time. about an hour ago · Like · 1 Malika Singh For those saying often victims recollections of such incidents come with discrepancies, I want to point out that this young lady has been reporting on rape crimes across India an d knows how to break down events. Also many ‘drafts’ of her letter were written and sent out to others for feedback before sending to shoma. This isn’t an honest recounting of an incident. It is a direct calculation. And those referencing his apology to her, what few know is that she sent a mail asking for specific words and language to be used in his apology. Unfortunately the media doesn’t feel it necessary to leak that email even though they have it. Goes to show the extent of this level of targeting and demonizing. The truth will come out in time. about an hour ago · Like · 1
Anku Pande Malik I don’t know either of them. Know enough people who know both of them. And if I was going to talk of reputation and if we have to pass judgement on basis of what people say about these people or how these people are supposed to be then don’t even get me started on what people say about Tarun Tejpal and women. about an hour ago · Edited · Like
Anku Pande And Malika you mean to sa y because someone is interested in a person a case of sexual violation doesn’t arise ?? Marital rape complaints. Prostitutes abused. These cases probably don’t stand a chance in your court ? And smart girl getting a feedback on the letters before sending them out. about an hour ago · Edited · Like
Anku Pande Before the truth comes out a lot of truth of how people basically perceive these complainants, victims, accused etc etc comes out and that is the real eye opener about an hour ago · Like
Malika Singh I’m not going by what people say. I’ve never met Tarun tejpal in my life. But I know her very very well and I didn’t believe it for a minute. I have my own reasons and am entirely convinced based not only on my own experiences but also on facts that I am aware of in the case that have not been made public yet. This is a forum to weigh out opinions and this is mine. And no I don’t think attraction towards someone takes out the possibility of sexual violence but I also see her running back into the lift to be close to him for no reason whatsoever. She says dragged. It shows a skitter back in. I didn’t believe the accusations from day 1 and the footage only validates my beliefs. The rest, I agree is up to our fair and non biased courts. about an hour ago · Like · 1
Anku Pande There will be supporters for both. And more for the girl (which I find unfair too. Just coz a girl doesn’t mean she is innocent and has been victimised) my problem is we talking about CCTV footage outside the lift not inside. If I have to talk about who is lying. I can’t even though I know Tarun Tejpal has a pathetic reputation with regards to women. Someone with the cleanest reputation can cross the line and a serial rapist could have been honourable in that one case he is caught in. A player and a tease may have not wanted to go further ….. I don’t see how anyone can pass judgement on the whole episode. 57 minutes ago · Edited · Like Malika Singh Anku, I agree with you, none of us will ever know what really went down. Eventually most of us will go by what we know or think we know about someone. We will all make assumptions. I just hope a fair trial comes out of this. And that the information pu…See More 56 minutes ago · Like
Anku Pande Honestly I don’t get why are they emailing each other. I get emails were sent so they can be ‘leaked’ but if she sent an email to thank her… It’s a game all of it and god knows why. Is it because Tarun Tejpal did intrude so often into her space that …See More 50 minutes ago · Edited · Like Malika Singh Even I wonder what the deeper psychology of this is… 45 minutes ago · Like · 1 Anurag Kashyap Anku there wouldn’t be a supporter for her if you see the footage. I won’t say more 14 minutes ago · Like #
Anku Pande Oh dear then Thats going to be a tough one for her to not just defend but deal with the onslaught after it’s out. In all of this if the man is rightfully accused then good if he is pu nished. Girl if caught lying then really hope it’s exposed for one basic fact – Just on the basis of gender one can’t decide and assume who is the victim and who is the perp. 6 minutes ago ·

You cite Manu Joseph‘s piece in Outlook. That piece, that so insidiously builds sympathy for Tejpal, says about the footage: “Nothing in the young woman’s body language indicates sexually potent
conversation…They are not walking hand in hand, rather Tejpal is
leading her and she is following him…they are separated by the whole width of the lift, which is about five feet. There is an unhappy tension between them as they walk out….Also there is not a moment in the footage that shows the young woman exhibiting anything resembling physical affection for Tejpal.”
How do I break this to you – rape survivors dont behave like women in the Hindi films…They dont rush out of lifts yelling Bachao… Yes, they act ‘normal’. Yes, they try to appear as though nothing happened. The more so when the violator is someone they know, trust, and who has power over them (is a family member, family friend, boss, teacher etc…), when the consequence of making the violation public might mean loss of a job, loss of cherished friendships, relationships. No, raped women dont usually use martial arts on their violators, they try to get the trusted person violating them, to stop, they hope the problem will go away, they agonise long and hard about the consequences before they complain. If the father of a friend rapes a woman, if a husband of a friend molests someone, the survivors worry about the impact of the incident on their friend, their friendship. They hope, against hope, that the person will apologise, and stop.
And yes, in my experience, most survivors of gender violence forget or misremember small details – that’s because of the stark, traumatic impact of the LARGE detail of having been raped, of being told that to keep their job they must now subject to sex with the boss, the more so if the rapist is not a stranger but someone known and trusted.
Manu Joseph writes about the ‘fingertips’ sms that it could have been the words of a drunken man who thinks he’s flirting. Yes, arrogant rapists have been known to boast that the woman they raped enjoyed it. Honey Singh‘s songs tell us of that mindset quite eloquently. Did the footage as seen by Joseph suggest any flirtation on part of the woman?! No? Tejpal’s own letter admits the woman’s ‘clear reluctance’, and that he invoked his being her boss. He claims he withdrew the latter remark with a clear, cogent statement. If he wants us to believe that’s true, then he clearly wasnt so drunk as to not recognise that she was unhappy and felt imposed upon. AFTER this exchange, how could anyone believe that an sms by Tejpal saying ‘fingertips’ is ‘flirting’?!
The many respondents on your post Mr Kashyap, who say ‘We know the complainant, impossible for her to be raped’ are displaying classic, textbook victim-blaming tactics. No, it’s not ‘impossible’ for ANY woman to be raped – her being modern, emancipated, strong (even learning martial arts) cant be a guarantee that she wont be raped – especially by someone she knows, trusts and who has power over her.

The good part here, Mr Kashyap, is that your macho image of ‘man who makes film to inspire women to take up martial arts to resist rape’ has been taken down – by you yourself. You now stand exposed as a common or garden variety misogynist who thinks it’s the complainant who is ‘the accused’ and who is on trial.


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