K Siva Prasad Rao

If Samajwadi Party leader Abu Azmi‘s statement on “sugar attracting ants” on the New Year’s Eve mass molestation in Bengaluru shocked you, Andhra Pradesh Assembly Speaker K Siva Prasad Rao said women like cars should be parked at homes to ensure their safety.

“When a vehicle is parked in a garage, accidents can be avoided,” the Andhra Pradesh Assembly Speaker said comparing women to cars.


  1. While speaking to media recently, Speaker K Siva Prasad Rao, who is a member of the Telugu Desam Party (TDP), said “in older times, women were safe from atrocities”.
  2. He said women today are exposed to society and “exposure increases chances of rape and kidnapping”. His advice: “If they (women) don’t leave home, this won’t happen”.
  3. The Speaker compared women to cars and said “when a car is speeding, more accidents likely”. “When a vehicle is parked in a garage, accidents can be avoided,” he said.
  4. The Andhra Pradesh Assembly Speaker thus inferred, if women stay at home, crimes against them will cease to happen.
  5. The Speaker’s comments gave Twitterati a field day with some saying “Men will not rape, if parked at home like cars”.
  6. A few days ago, principal of a government polytechnic college in Mumbai said women who “dress like men” tend to suffer from poly cystic ovarian diseases (PCOD).
  7. Earlier, Samajwadi Party leader Abu Azmi made sexist remarks about women inviting trouble following the Bengaluru mass molestation incident on the eve of New Year.
  8. “In this modern age, the more naked a woman is, the more fashionable she is considered… If there is petrol somewhere, there is bound to be fire. If there is sugar, ants are bound to come,” Azmi had said inviting criticism from all corners.
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