Dear all,

Supriya and  Ramlath , today visited a group of refugees (mostly Muslim) from Kashmir, who have been living for the past one month, in makeshift tents (of bed sheets and blankets) near the Bandra Terminus, Bandra East, Bombay. They had fled from Baramullah and had come to Delhi where they had been living for the past two to three years. Last month, a group of 1000 came to Bombay.

They are hoping to return to Kashmir in March. The government has called them back offering relocation to a safer area. Some of them have got their train tickets for 15th March, others are in the process.

The group is largely of older men and women, mothers with children and a few young men. Some of these men have got temporary jobs. What they need is food. The camp, if it can be called that, is in very bad condition, they have nothing and mainly no food. Individuals have donated food but that is usually on a daily basis. They are here till mid March.

What they need is:
Dal (Tur)

Oil (Sarson preferable)

Chilli (mirchi) powder
TUrmeric (Haldi) powder

If any of you are in a position to help, please do, you could contact Bilal, he is one of the coordinators (9987126019).

If there are any NGO’s or groups who can help them, please let us know ( [email protected] or [email protected]