Petition under section 12 of the protection of human rights act – 1993


Honorable sir

I would like to bring to your notice the brutal atrocities on scheduled castes in Raigarh district of Chhattisgarh state and negligence of police authorities in acting against the atrocities due to their collusion with accused. Which is gross violations of laws of the land and constitution


I am here with submitting to you the list of 16 cases in which police did not even filed FIR even after repeated appeals from the victims and I request your kind authorities to conduct an open inquiry and direct the concerned police officials to act according to the law.


Sl NoDetails of the caseAccusedPolice responsibleStatus
1Victim – Ganda Scheduled caste of village kokbahal, Tehsil – Baramkela, District Raigarh, Chhattisgarh

Details of Incident– February 2008

Incident – The Ganda Caste Dalits were boycotted from a religious function, they were made to pay donations to the religious function but when they attended to the Programme, they were denied entry. When tried to file an FIR, police called the dominant castes  and both police and dominant castes threatened the victims

False cases filed on Dalits and harassed them

Kolata caste individuals of Dongripali areaDongaripali police station, SDOP, Sarangarh, Raigarh District, ChhattisgarhFIR needs to filed
2Victim – Ganda- scheduled castes of Jhilangitar, block – Pussore, district Raigarh, Chhattisgarh

Details of incident – government school head master Dilip sharma conducted a Gayatri Yagna and denied entry of Dalits – also denied mid-day meals to the Dalit students, asking Ganda caste students to eat outside of the school

Dilip Sharma, head master, government primary school Jhilangitar, Raigarh District, ChhattisgarhPussore police station, district Raigarh, ChhattisgarhFIR needs to be filed
3Victim – Suriti Sarathi, Sarpanch of village Linjir, Block –Pussore

Details of Incident – Since the village sarpanch was a Dalit women, she was not allowed to hoisting the national flag  on 15th August 2010

Basudev Gupta

Jai jai ram gupta

Sampati gupta

Sunil Gupta

Dharmendra Upadhyay

Naresh sao

Manoj Upadhyay

Village – Linjir village, Raigarh district

Pussore police station, Raigarh District, ChhattisgarhFIR needs to be filed
4Victim – Rambai Sarathi, village Kosamanda, Block, Pussore, district Raigarh, chhattiagarh

Details of incident – In September 2010, an SC boy was in love with OBC girl the dominant obc caste people called for a meeting and tried to parade the boy’s mother naked. Victim’s house was destroyed. The dominant castes of the village passed a resolution boycotting the victim from the village – this resolution also approved by the local MLA –Shakrajit Nayak

Rohit Patel

Gopi Patel

Kulmani Patel

Uddhav Pradhan

And others

Pussore police station, Raigarh district, ChhattisgarhFIR needs to be filed
5Victim – Arakhit sarthi, age 50, village Pussore nagar panchayat. Raigarh district

Details of incident – victim was discriminated and humiliated in the facilitation Programme where the Mohit Satpati of BJP denied the garland as it was touched by victim and the victim was a untouchable

Mohit Satpati, age 42,, pussore village, Raigarh district, ChhattisgarhPolice station Pussore, Raigarh district, ChhattisgarhFIR needs to be filed
6Victim – Surendra Chouhan, village Pussore, Raigarh district – Chhattisgarh.

Details of incident – Surendra Chouhan name was announced in the village as a encroacher by the government officials , but he was not an encroacher- felt humiliated he was committed suicide on November 2011

Amit Kataria, the then collector of RaigarhPussore police station, Raigarh district, ChhattisgarhFIR needs to be filed
7Victims – 35 Dalit families of Chhichhore Umaria. Their houses were demolished and crops were destroyed just because they claimed govt land under FRA, discrimination and social boycott  in 2011Dominant castes of Chhichhore UmariaPussore police station, Raigarh district, ChhattisgarhFIR needs to be filed – needs execution of SC commission orders
8Victim – Krishna chohan, Jagabandhu Chouhan, Nand lal Chouhan – 3 of them belongs to Dalit community of Ganda caste. – 2012

Details of incident – Dalits were denied entry into a religious festival by village dominant castes and Dalits were attached and beaten-up

Usatram kolta, Dasharath Kolta

Sanyasi Yadav and others

Pussore police station, Raigarh district, ChhattisgarhFIR needs to be filed
9Victim – Dasharath Chouhan (killed by the police ), he used to run a small shop on the road, police accused him of selling liquor and thrashed him, he died on  the spot – 2013Sarangarh police, district Raigarh, ChhattisgarhSarangarh police, district Raigarh, ChhattisgarhFIR needs to be filed
10Victim – Anganwadi assistant was a Dalit, she was discriminated on the name of her caste – village Tadola, Pussore, Raigarh district, Chhattisgarh- 2014Reshma – Anganwadi worker, Tadola, Pussore block, Raigarh district, ChhattisgarhPussore police station, Raigarh district , chhattisgarhhFIR needs to be filed
11Victim – Devram Navrange, village goidaraha, Sarangarh tehsil, Raigarh district, Chhattisgarh.

The victim went for applying for a job of data entry operator, his application was denied and he was humiliated saying that he was a cow eater and mind also cow mind

Shyamabandhu patel, Nayan tara singh thomar, janpad panchayat, Sarangarh, Raigarh districtPolice Sarangarh, Raigarh district, ChhattisgarhFIR needs to be filed
12Victim – Dalit community of lailunga village – Ambedkar statue was broken by dominant castes, no case has been filed and no one is arrestedSuspected action of RSS individuals of lailunga, Raigarh districtPolice lailunga, Raigarh district, ChhattisgarhFIR needs to be filed
13Victim – Manju Nirala – sarpanch of Barbhanta (a) was denied the hoisting of national flag on 15th August 2015Digambar Sahu, Head master, Ramnarayana government middle school- barbhanta (a), Raigarh districtPolice Sarangarh, Raigarh district, ChhattisgarhFIR needs to be filed
14Victim – Gokul Chouhan, Belpali village, Pussore, Raigarh district

Victim was a journalist he reported news about irregularities in the government school- the school head master is the land lord of the village thrashed the victim and abused on the name of caste   – September 2015


Lakhan patel, suraj patel, – government school – belpali, Pussore, Raigarh districtPolice Pussore, Raigarh district, ChhattisgarhFIR needs to be filed
15Victim – Uttari Ganpat Jangde, chairperson of janpad panchayat, Sarangarh

He was discriminated by the CEO abused on the name of caste – not allowed to sit in the office. And locked the chairperson’s room – 2016

Nayan Tara singh tomar , CEO, Sarangarh janpad panchayat, Raigarh district, ChhattisgarhPolice Sarangarh, Raigarh district, ChhattisgarhFIR needs to be filed
16Victims- Gangaram sarthi and others, village – Amurra, block – Baramkela, district Raigarh

The victims were discriminated in a religious festival and their houses were dismantled and boycotted them from the village – 2016

Abhay patel Digo Brahmin, kapua maratha and other Maratha,Patel and Brahmin caste personsSaria police station, Sarangarh SDOP Raigarh district, ChhattisgarhFIR needs to be filed


Request your kind authority to conduct an open inquiry by visiting Raigarh district of Chhattisgarh on the above cases and pass an order as this authority is deem fit and proper