Army exam paper leak: Retd brigadier says such incidents cannot happen without support from someone at Army HQ
Brigadier PT Monappa tells India Today such leaks cannot take place without some support from Army HQ, where the papers are set.

The Indian Army on Sunday cancelled examinations in six centres in western India for some lower level posts following an alleged leak of question papers. The centres included Kamptee, Nagpur, Ahmedabad, Goa and Kirkee. More than 300 candidates and 18 accused have been detained by the police so far.

But what is shocking is the recurrence of such recruitment scams over and over again. Retd. Brigadier PT Monappa, a Military Intelligence Corps officer is saddened by the fact that the Army HQ has not learnt lessons from the past.

He spoke exclusively to India Today about how during his stint as Deputy Director General for Recruitment in the south, he had sent one such question paper leak case to the CBI. The case, he says, was later brushed under the carpet.

‘I had given the case to the CBI much to the chagrin of the other officers who wanted to carry out an internal enquiry,’ he says.

He goes on to tell us there are question papers set and also key model answers. He wonders how such leaks are possible when recruitment zones have to follow strict standard operating procedures. The moot question here according to him is where the leak has occurred and who are the players involved.

He essentially says that such leaks cannot take place unless there some support from the origin point of the question paper, which is the Army HQ.


Brigadier Monappa went on to cite an example, saying sometimes in Karnataka, there are more vacancies than the number of local candidates and hence candidates from other states get a fake domicile certificate from various agencies and get recruited.

‘Like water flows from the top, this time it must be sorted out from the top as well. Where the question paper starts from, who sets them and the answer key and how they are handled though they are top secret and declassified just before the correction takes place,’ he says.

He adds that while believes that handing over the case to the CBI won’t make a difference as there is bound to be interference to save the skin of all those involved.


Brigadier Monappa says that there is no point in blaming the candidates and arresting them in this case since they would have paid without knowing what has actually happened.

What should ideally take place according to him is that, ‘the MoD must order a high level enquiry at the Army HQ level.’ He also suggests that a central call centre be set up and enough publicity be given so that candidates can inform them if approached by touts