RSS, BJP In Denial; Video Nails Charge


The Election Commission has directed the Bhavnagar district administration to file an FIR against VHP leader Pravin Togadia for a hate speech on Saturday when he called for the forcible eviction of a Muslim family from a locality dominated by Hindus.On Monday , Gujarat chief electoral officer Anita Karwal said, “We have inquired about the incident and have directed the filing of an FIR.“

But Togadia denied making such a speech and threatened to sue publications, such as TOI, that had carried reports of it. The RSS’s Ram Madhav tweeted, “Pravinbhai had not said anything attributed to him. It was a fabricated news.“

To see the speech video, go to http://www.toi.in/togadia Modi need not don skull cap: Madani M uslim leader Mahmood Madani has backed Narendra Modi over his refusal to don the skull cap, saying he himself would not sport a tilak.
Meanwhile, the late shehnai maestro Ustad Bismillah Khan‘s family has refused to propose Modi’s name in Varanasi. P 9, 10 BJP spokesman Prakash Javadekar on Monday denied that VHP leader Pravin Togadia had made any hate speech against Muslims in Bhavnagar. The strenuous denials are, however, at odds with the video of Togadia’s speech, a copy of which is in TOI’s possession.

On Saturday , Togadia had joined a street protest to drive out a Muslim family from a house purchased by it in Meghani Circle area, Bhavnagar.
He told the gathering that they should give the family a 48-hour ultimatum, and if the house wasn’t vacated, storm it with “stones, tyres and tomatoes“ and put up a Bajrang Dal board on the house.

After this was reported on Monday , local VHP members were seen looking for persons who videographed Togadia’s speech on Saturday night.
Congress leader Kapil Sibal said, “Togadia always spreads venom. And he belongs to that category of people in this country that does not believe in the unity and the integrity of India.“ The AAP demanded action against Togadia for “vitiating the peaceful atmosphere“ during elections.


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