arun shourieBY ARUN SHOURIE- Being Sensitive is Good for democracy. If anything to be credited for success of democracy in India, it is “Sensitivity” of Common Indians since 1951 General Elections.

Being insensitive is not good for Party in Power. If anything to be credited for fall of Governments in India, it is “Insensitivity” of people in power. Nobody is exception to this law, take anyone for example from list of Indira Gandhi, Morarji Desai, Narsimha Rao, Vajpayee or Manmohan Singh!

There are many good things all these PMs can be remembered for but insensitiveness  of these great leaders caused damage to all their good deeds and they got paid for it. Be it Indira for Emergency, Narsimha Rao for Babri, Vajpayee for India Shinning, MMs for perceived inaction on his corrupt ministers.

Well, I can write volumes on what good done by previous PMs but glorifying them is not the intent. Intent is to explain the Govt & Party in Power that, You must be more sensitive to people and their needs.

What Indians need? They just need peaceful environment where they can earn their livelihood, grow and help nation grow. Any blabbering done by anyone including PM which is not sensitive towards them will get fitting reply in 2019 Loksabha, teasers & trailers already started.

This Govt and its ministers are totally insensitive towards students, towards farmers, towards working middle class.

The way things being handled at HCU & JNU by illiterate ministers it only shows the lack of intent to serve country in these politicians. Irrespective of the ideology those students follow, they are students for God sake! People in power & their cheerleaders left no chance to label them “Anti-National” and “Terrorists”. Became judge & jury based on what? Doctored video by aid of MHRD!

For first time in the history of India we got Minister for HRD first time from TV auditions. This Minister challenges sensitivity of Students. What a fall, from likes Abulkalam Azad, Siddhartha Shankar Ray, V P Singh, Narsimha Rao, Atal Bihari Vajpayee to Kapil Sibal Education Ministers & now this one, who is hell bent on ranting “My Child” and screw up their future.

Few hooligans assaulted Kanhaiya Kumar in side court premises & they said it’s nationalism! You remained silent, your this insensitivity has really done wonders, India got another hope, another leader in the making who can stand against bigots, who is educated who is sensitive to feelings of common man.

Then there is Sadhavi Parachi, Togadiya and Adityanath along with army of Bigots spilling poison day & night but PM request public to ignore it but he don’t have guts to shut them up! Forget bigots of his own party, he even has no courage to shut up Big Owaisi & put Smaller one behind bars for hate speeches which still continue! These hate speeches, be it of Owaisi or Togadia causes mental unrest among common peace-loving India and you not making any effort to shut them is insensitivity towards peaceful Indian.

In monthly rhetoric called Mann Ki Baat, he asked Farmers to download “Kisan Suvidha App” in their smart phones. Are you nuts Mr. PM? Do you know plight of Farmers? Maharashtra the most progressive state saw 3228 suicides in 2015 alone! 610 in two months & most are from area where Mr. Devendra Fadnavis belong to! Farmer Suicides

Overall India there are only 17% subscribers who own Smartphones on which your app can work. Ever checked out of those 17% how many are farmers? What is use of your app & your rhetoric Mr. PM?

Mr. PM you have Minister in your Govt who conspired Muzaffarnagar Riots. Sanjeev Baliyan! When a farmer informs Baliyan about tough days he is going through and last option is only suicide, YOUR minister tells him Nike tag line “Just do it”. How sensitive your Govt to people of this country! No? This is your insensitivity towards farmers.

This Govt has given us a Home Minister, totally insensitive to the nation. Every alternate day we read in news papers about terror alert & then our HM comes & say it’s just routine alert. Some days these routine alerts also mention number of terrorists, from where they entered etc. Thank God that HM doesn’t conduct follow up presser, If he conducts that, then probably we could know about terrorist are sent back safely to place from where they came. This is playing with common sense of public.

This Govt has another two identical clueless people handling MoF & MoD. MoF will speak on everything, every matter related to Home, Education & Defense, also does part time job of BJP Media Management (Read Middleman) but ask him about Finance & Economy, he will use some jargon & vanishes from the scene.

MoD is another epic character, it’s just satisfaction that Chetan Bhagat is not alone dumb out of IIT. He conducts presser on Pakistan JIT visit to Pathankot, said blatant lie that JIT is not allowed to Pathankot Airbase whereas we all saw how Pakistan JIT has been went through bridges and shamiyanas!

If one does an assessment calmly, will find out, not only this Government is insensitive but also incompetent to administrate great country. That’s sole reason this Govt always need cheerleaders to manage headlines in the name of Nationalism, Bharat Mata and Gaumata.

Wake up!!! 2019 started knocking.

Bye for now with Quote from Aziz Nazan : चढ़ता सूरज धीरे धीरे ढलता है, ढल जाएगा